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Mandriva Linux One 2008 Spring XFCE: a community achievement

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| You know what Mandriva is; you know what XFCE is; you know what a community
| means; now it's time to acknowledge some good results


Last week:

Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring Xfce edition released

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| Thanks to the efforts of the Mandriva Linux Xfce development community, an
| Xfce version of Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring One is now available. Just like
| the KDE and GNOME versions of One, this is an installable live CD edition of
| Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring, but this time featuring Xfce as the desktop
| environment. ┬* ┬*



Mandriva Linux 2008.1 - The Blooming Spring.

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| Mandriva Linux is a predominantly KDE-centric Linux distribution originating
| from France. This desktop-oriented Linux distribution which began its
| production in 1998 owes its popularity to its ease of installation and
| graphical productive draktools. I decided to review Mandriva 2008 Spring (aka
| Mandriva Linux 2008.1) when I got to know that, this new Spring edition has a
| full support for the Asus Eee PC and also improved support for mobile device
| synchronization. ┬* ┬* ┬*
| [...]
| In conclusion, there is no doubt that Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring is a great
| release. Great artwork! The hardware support for this release has been
| excellent with exception of the support for the two my USB-based TV tuners. I
| hope that Acer notebook users will be very happy with this release as
| Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring also comes with third-party acer_acpi and wmi-acer
| modules. With a very active forum and vast amount of documentation available,
| help is abundant for the users. One of the things which really made a good
| impression on me is the mouse pointer integration support by Mandriva 2008
| Spring, when it is run as a guest operating system on the Virtualbox 1.5.6 ┬*
| OSE. With such a support, all of the mouse's actions will be directly sent to
| the guest operating system when I hover the mouse over the virtual machine's
| display. Delaying the Mandriva Online applet from checking for updates by a
| few minutes is also a very good move. ┬* ┬* ┬* ┬* ┬*

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