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Upgrading to Mythdora 5.0

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| There are other great features, some of which I have yet to figure out how to
| take advantage of. To see them, see the release notes. I wish I had taken
| some before and after screenshots of Mythweb, the plugin that lets you manage
| most of MythTV’s features over the web. It has REALLY been improved. Here’s a
| really good example of how it looks now. Before for the videos your recorded,
| it would just show a small thumbnail, now, if you click on the recorded show,
| you get a plethora of information (and it looks neat too!)
| Overall I was VERY happy with the great job the Mythdora team did on this
| release. The upgrade went very smoothly and the new features are working very
| well.


Set Up A Linux Playstation 3 Media Server (Ubuntu Hardy Heron)

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| The Sony Play station 3 is a DLNA compatible device, DLNA is a framework
| where home electronics can share digital media and content seamlessly. This
| tutorial will provide instructions on setting up your Ubuntu hardy computer
| to share your video, music and photos, allowing you to play them through your
| DLNA compatible devices. Although several other open source media servers
| exist, i chose to use Fuppes due to its built in support for transcoding.


Last week:

MythDora 5.0

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| MythDora 5.0 is finally here. It's based on Fedora 8 along with MythTV-0.21.



Pre-build MythTV Linux PVR eats Windows MCE for breakfast

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| Basically this is an unpack-and-plug-in solution to your media
| streaming/live TV pausing/scheduled recording needs. Yes, you
| could build your own Linux box and install MythTV, but this saves
| you all the effort, is cheaper than a Windows Media Centre and
| gives you access to a vast range of fan-programmed add-ons.


Linux as a Media Centre

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| As far as comparing Mythtv to Windows Media Centre, there is really
| no comparison, Mythtv is in a class of its own and puts WMC to shame
| in almost every department possible. This is the sort of application
| that could introduce Linux to many new users and households. Well done
| Isaac and the rest of the team, keep up the good work.

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