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Ubuntu 8.04 is Well Worth the Look

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| Overall though, this is the first time I've ever recommended Ubuntu, so I'm
| off to go pinch myself.


On cost alone (not freedom):

Ubuntu Hardy Heron, A Webmaster’s Point of View

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| For a budding webmaster or one whose work is just getting going, expenses can
| be daunting. Especially today when gas and things in general cost so much. A
| new design business needs all the financial help it can get. Designing in
| Ubuntu can cut those expenses drastically. Do the math and see for yourself.
| Compare the expense of Dreamweaver vs. Kompozer for example. Free vs. $399!
| For a self-taught webmaster and graphics creator, Ubuntu has found a home.


Ubuntu 8.04, My Awesome Desktop!

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| On the top, I have a regular Gnome panel with: (from left to right) a show
| desktop button, main menu with access to applications, places such as my home
| folder, devices, etc., and system settings.
| Next I have: desktop switcher, system monitor, force quit, (a really useful
| applet to shut down those stubborn programs) Exaile icon, network monitor,
| clock, and logout button!
| I don't like the default theme for Ubuntu so I installed the Ubuntu-Studio
| theme which is really great! (I like clean, dark themes)
| On the background is the Hardy Heron.



Ubuntu 8.04 Is Ready to Take On Windows

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| I popped the Ubuntu CD into my running Vista box, opened the installer
| application, and directed the installer where to store Ubuntu and how much
| space to assign it. Shortly thereafter, the application prompted me to
| reboot, after which it completed the installation process. According to
| documentation on the Ubuntu Web site, there's a performance hit associated
| with this sort of install, but I didn't detect an appreciable slowdown.
| The Ubuntu desktop I'd installed within Windows seemed no different from the
| one I'd installed on its own hardware, and I was pleased to find that the
| files from my Windows instance were accessible from Ubuntu.


Hardy Heron Makes Linux Worth Another Look

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| If you've flirted with the idea of switching your desktop operating system to
| Linux but never took the leap, the time is now. This week's release of Hardy
| Heron, an Ubuntu release that will be supported until 2011, offers a freer,
| more productive space for work and play than ever before. It's not easy
| jumping blind into a new way of thinking or working, and Ubuntu, the
| so-called "Linux for Humans" operating system, is no different. For all the
| online buzz that surrounds the increasingly popular distribution, millions of
| sane, regular people wonder why they'd ever give up their familiar Mac or PC
| to venture into something still relatively new. Today we're shining the
| spotlight on a few great tools and tweaks that make Heron a worthy switch.


Microsoft Profit Drops; Forecast May Miss Estimates

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| The world's biggest software maker said sales of Windows for PCs sank 24
| percent and revenue from its online advertising unit came in at the low end
| of its projections. Microsoft's report contrasted with positive comments from
| chipmaker Intel Corp. and computer company International Business Machines
| Corp.
| [...]
| Microsoft declined $1.60 to $30.20 in extended trading after closing at
| $31.80 at 4 p.m. New York time on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The stock has
| fallen 11 percent this year.


CH: Geneva schools completely switch to Open Source

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| About 70,000 students and their 7,000 teachers in the Geneva school district
| will gradually be moving to Open Source.


Deploying KDE to 52 million young people

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| By the end of this year 29,000 labs serving some 32,000,000 students will be
| fully deployed and in active use.
| By the end of next year (2009) those numbers will have swelled to 53,000 labs
| serving some 52,000,000 students.


Feeling the heat at Microsoft

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| If I ask you who is Microsoft's biggest competitor now, who would it be?
| Ballmer: Open...Linux. I don't want to say open source. Linux, certainly have
| to go with that.

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