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Sun cites open source tribulations

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| Sun also had to cope with unrealistic expectations about how much time it
| would take to offer Java via open source under the GNU General Public License
| Version 2.0, a move made in November 2006.
| "There was the expectation that it would be immediately carried into the
| universe," Green said. But it has taken time to free up the bits and pieces
| of Java to make it available via open source, Green acknowledged.
| Now, the Ubuntu Linux distribution includes OpenJDK, featuring open source
| Java, Green noted. This move announced last week means the open-sourcing is
| complete, he said.


They ought to just help Linux and donate their tools stripped from the CDDL.

OpenSolaris Arrives just to Die

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| OpenSolaris, Sun’s open-source take on its Solaris operating system, has
| finally arrived. Some people, like Jason Perlow at ZDNet think that this is
| great news and that Sun’s latest operating system will give Linux a real
| challenge.
| Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. I’m inclined to doubt it simply because
| OpenSolaris has failed to develop a strong developer community. For more on
| that see Ted Ts’o, noted Linux developer and CTO of the Linux Foundation,
| blog posting, What Sun was trying to do with Open Solaris. T’so wasn’t
| playing OS religious wars, he was pointing out that while “OpenSolaris has
| been released under an Open Source license,” it doesn’t have “an Open Source
| development community.”
| That’s a real problem. OpenSolaris’ biggest trouble is that while it’s taken
| three years for OpenSolaris to reach a point where general techie sorts will
| get it a try, the Linux distributors, especially Red Hat, Novell/SUSE and
| Ubuntu, has been moving in strength both to the public and to enterprise
| customers.



Menhir - Here to Share the Wisdom of the Four Linuxes

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| After that, all four systems -- Slackware, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenSolaris --
| will be ported to the pkgsrc format. In the end, the pkgsrc tools will enable
| any user to install one of the operating systems with their userland. *

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