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Summer of Code: Ogg Theora Port

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| Porting open, patent free codecs to our devices has always been of great
| interest to neuros and many of our users. As some of you Neuros old timers
| may recall, we were the first to port the Ogg Vorbis audio codec to a
| portable HDD audio player. Now it's time, hopefully, to do the same with the
| Ogg Theora video codec.


Does Google say "no" to proprietary software (codecs) or no to Free software in
the following case?

Google Takes Down Open-source Project After DMCA Complaint

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| Google has removed an open-source project that enables the proprietary
| CoreAVC high-definition video decoder to run in Linux following a complaint
| from the codec's developer -- but the project could soon return.
| [...]
| CoreAVC-for-Linux was an open-source project led by Google that developed
| patches which allow Linux applications, such as mplayer, to use the CoreAVC
| codec. A cached version of the project's Web page said video performance was
| the main motivation for creating Linux support for CoreAVC.



Sun Tackles Video Codec

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| Looking to boost the Web, Sun is working on a royalty-free and open video
| codec and media system, company officials said Thursday afternoon.
| [...]
| Currently, proprietary solutions are relied on, such as Adobe's Flash or
| royalty-bearing specifications like H.264, Glidden said.
| OMS is a recent project. Asked about the availability of OMS technologies,
| Glidden said, "Stay tuned. I have no announcements on any commercial
| implementations or time frame." ¬*



Worlds first high performance Dirac video codec implementation available

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| Thanks to collaboration with the Xiph.org foundation there is an official
| mapping for putting Dirac video into the Ogg container format underway, and
| the Schrödinger project also hosts a proposal for mapping Dirac into the
| popular MPEG-TS container format, which is currently being considered for
| certification by the MPEG working group. We expect to see and provide
| mappings for a lot more container formats in due course. ¬* ¬* ¬*


Alcatel-Lucent says $1.5 billion not enough from Microsoft

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| Alcatel-Lucent said in a court filing that $1.5 billion is not
| enough to properly compensate it for Microsoft Corp.'s infringement
| of two digital audio patents.

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