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Sun's 'Project Copy Linux' goes commercial

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| The first supported first version of Sun Microsystems' OpenSolaris, AKA
| Project Indiana, makes its debut today with additional backing from Amazon's
| Elastic Computing Cloud.


OpenSolaris: What Ubuntu wants to be when it grows up

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| Still, OpenSolaris is the first and only System V-based UNIX to have been
| released into Open Source. However, it uses the CDDL license, a
| MPL-derivative which is incompatible with the GNU GPLv2 license that Linux
| uses.


That's why Sun will continue to rely on GNU/Linux. To be fair, Sun has given _a
lot_ to Free software, including this brand-new example:

OpenOffice.org builds for Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T)

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| We plan to publish 64 bit Linux OOo installation sets with one of the next
| DEV300 developer snapshots.



Sun Set to Bring NSA Tech to Solaris

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| Back in 2004, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) helped the Linux
| community to build something called SELinux, which brings mandatory access
| control (MAC) policies to the Linux kernel. *
| Now four years later, Sun is getting the same technology from the NSA to use
| with its Solaris operating system. Sun's OpenSolaris community will work on
| integrating the NSA's Flux Advanced Security Kernel (Flask) architecture,
| which is a form of mandatory access control, for type enforcement. Flask is
| the basis of SELinux. * *
| The Flask enhancements will be added to Sun's Trusted Extensions, which
| provide high-security labeling features to meet regulatory and compliance
| requirements. *


Linux vs OpenSolaris…Again: The Q&A

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| To be perfectly honest, I can think of several things I’d rather do than
| deconstruct yet another Linux vs OpenSolaris/Solaris flamewar. Including
| having a few of my fingernails pulled out. But given the volume of inbound
| requests for comment, both public and private, I feel obligated to comment in
| some capacity. * *
| [...]
| It may well be that Roy is right, and that Sun should move OpenSolaris
| towards a MySQL model of development, a scenario that many find abhorrent but
| that personally I’d be fine with. It’s also possible that with this issue
| behind the community, and some of the diametrically opposed philosophies
| departed, the community will be less prone to internal strife and make better
| progress. * *
| Either way, the community will have its say, but so will Sun. And I don’t
| have an issue with that, as long as it makes a decision and sets expectations
| appropriately. *

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