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Local Authorities carry out anti-piracy raids against two IT resellers in
Ajman in coordination with Microsoft Gulf

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft Gulf in collaboration with Ajman authorities has announced that it
| has recently conducted two raids against IT resellers who were selling
| products with unlicensed Microsoft software in the emirate of Ajman.


Lots of articles about this in the middle eastern press at the moment.

Microsoft: "Spread Windows, spread Windows. We love it. We need 'piracy' to
fight competition. Then we'll sue you."

IPocrites. They openly said that they /need/ copyrights infringement in order
to compete.


Hypocrisy off the port bow!

,----[ Quote ]
| Admiral Holleyman of the Bull **** Association dares claim that our craft
| makes his skainsmates lose (that's the opposite o' win, for all ye
| spelling-retarded coppocias) $11 billion US dollars every year. Hoy-day! A
| flight of fancy I've ne'er seen before such bardleture came before me! Such
| presumptuous posy overflows my yellow bile. As if every man of the
| brotherhood would actually buy the programs he pirates! Bah! Next, I wager
| he'll be so bloody daft to presume that blokes should actually read a license
| agreement, the likes o' which have never been, and may yet never be enforced
| in full. * * * *


Microsoft Happy with the Evolution of Windows Vista Piracy

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| But the truth is that Microsoft is happy with the way Windows Vista
| piracy is evolving. Is there a catch to this? No. The fact of the
| matter is that Windows Vista has delivered a heavy blow to
| software counterfeiters. The reason for this is the new Windows
| Genuine Advantage security mechanism integrated into the
| operating system.
| You may not notice this on the surface. On the surface, the
| Internet is crawling with Windows Vista cracks, hacks and
| workarounds. On the surface, every Windows Vista edition has
| been cracked and is available for download via peer-to-peer
| networks. But this is not the true extent of Windows Vista piracy.


Microsoft seals its Windows and opens the door to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Now comes the really interesting question. With Vista's activation
| technology, Microsoft has the power to stamp out piracy everywhere. But
| will it choose to do so everywhere? After all, if folks in China or
| Thailand or Ethiopia have to pay for Vista, they won't be able to run
| it because they won't be able to afford the licence fee. In which case
| they may finally wake up to the attractions of free software such as
| Linux - and it's easy to imagine what that will do to Microsoft's
| plans for world domination.
| It's a delicious prospect: Microsoft impaling itself on the horns
| of a dilemma it has created for itself. Roll on Thursday.

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