Windows XP SP3: The Perfect Reason to Avoid Upgrading to Windows Vista

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| Companies resisting a migration to Windows Vista may want to carefully
| examine the latest service pack for Windows XP. After you look at XP SP3,
| says Steven Vaughan-Nichols, you won't even consider "upgrading" to Windows
| Vista SP1 anytime soon. He does a head-to-head technology comparison.

Days ago:

XP change corrupts data, hamstrings SP3 rollout

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| A Microsoft spokeswoman on Wednesday acknowledged that the same problems
| affected Dynamics RMS users running XP SP3. *

Vista SP1, XP SP3 distribution glitch

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| Microsoft is also working on a fix for the Dynamics RMS problem. In the
| meantime, the company recommends that users do not manually install Vista SP1
| or XP SP3. *

The Biggest Windows XP Myth of All

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| Sure, some people certainly love XP. But for the vast majority of folks, all
| this “XP Love” is a myth.
| Simply put, The VAR Guy believes Windows XP is the lesser of two evils.