Why does windows make you stupid?

Lots of people dislike windows, thereís many very good reasons to do
this, one of the commonest I hear is that you canít have the focus
following the mouse, e.g. by Hixie. What I donít understand though, is
that stick these people in front of linux with the same problem, a
couple of minutes with the web, the config files etc. and theyídíve
changed the option which set the behaviour to how the want.

When theyíre sitting in front of windows though, they shrug their
shoulders and just moan, what is it about windows that make these
people ďstupidĒ? Iíve always used focus follows mouse on windows, all
the versions do it, you either need to change the config files - yes
this is the registry rather than a text file, but itís still not
rocket science or even CSS. Or if you need a GUI for it, get TweakUI,
itís on the windows install disk, or widely available on the web.