> 4. SUSE Linux Suse Linux is enterprise-focused software created and sponsored by Novell. It is designed to be especially stable and reliable as well as meet the special needs of business owners. It comes in both desktop andserver versions, which come complete with office suites, desktop search, and virus protection. While not free, it does have the benefit of a dedicated support team if you ever have any problems.

Novell also hosts openSUSE which is a free LINUX distribution.

> Email and Instant Messaging
> 11. Jabber Jabber is anopen sourceinstant messaging program. It has standard instant messaging chat features, but also gives users the ability to have VoIP conversations and transfer files.

A better choice for a business/enterprise would be OpenFire which is a
free XMPP server with easy installation and setup. It also provides a
very good administrative web console. The Jabber server requires lots
of technical expertise to configure and manage, it is also rather
poorly maintained.

> Productivity
> 16. iFolderiFolder is also a valuable tool for those who need to work together on a project. Users simply save files to their system as they normally would, and iFolder enables them to be shared on any computer within your office by putting them on your network server. It can also be a great way to back up important information and documents.

The free iFolder project is quite stale with no real ongoing

> 23. Automatix For those delaying the move toopen sourcedue to fears about the difficulty of installing new applications, Automatix may be the solution you are looking for. The program is designed to automate the installationof everything you could need, including fonts, applications, and codecs, making installation easy and painless.

As of 03/26/2008 development of Automatix has officially ceased.

> Imaging and Design
> 24. GIMP GIMP is image editing software and can act as a slightly less full featured alternative to Photoshop for businesses looking to save. While it lacks some of the more advanced productivity tools found in Photoshop, many if not most of the basic features are the same and it can be a greatopen sourcealternative for businesses that need image editing software without the frills or the price tag of Photoshop.
> 25. Subversion Subversion was designed as version control system that can act as anopen sourcealternative to CVS, giving business owners a free program to manage servers and edit code.

Subversion is listed under "Imaging and Design"

> Content Management

This whole section seems like a random selection of projects. You
have Eclipse and MySQL (an RDBMS) under "Content Management"?

> Network and Server Management
> 42. Asterisk Asterisk is PBX (Private Branch eXchange) software that canallow you to easily and cheaply control the telephone system in your office.. Asterisk works with both VoIP telephony as well as old-fashioned telephonesystems with the addition of some inexpensive hardware. It even comes complete with features usually only found in high end and high price PBX systems.
> 43. Zabbix Zabbix is designed to allow users to easily monitor and trackthe status of network services, servers, and other network based hardware. Businesses looking for a way to track and report status on network systems will find Zabbix’s easy-to-use mapping and graphing visualizations very useful.
> 44. Apache Apache provides some of the most widely used and stable HTTP servers available,open sourceor otherwise. Apache supports a variety of features including virtual hosting, SSL and TSL support, custom log files, and aproxy module, among many others. It can be used as a secure server for web pages or as a way to safely share files over the Internet.

Apache is listed here and not under web tools? And Asterisk as a
Network and Server Management tool? Again this section seems projects-

In general this list isn't terribly useful or insightful. The
categorization is random and several of the recommendations are out of