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subtle (yet severe) implications 01.18.08
Has Microsoft Fired Its CIO Because Hotmail Secretly Runs on Free

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Roy Schestowitz

Microsoft’s secret love affair with Linux comes to light

Some time ago we saw Microsoft pressuring to force the departure of two
consecutive state CIOs in Massachusetts for ‘daring’ to support
OpenDocument format. We suspect that we caught one similar incident in
Finland. Surely, there are many more such occurrences, but finding
’smoking gun’ proof can be difficult. Remember the “nobody ever gets
fired for choosing Microsoft” motto? There are well-disguised political
forces working behind the scenes.

“Bad morale at Microsoft is only to be expected.”As we mentioned
briefly on a couple of occasions in recent days, Microsoft loses a lot of
top staff at the moment and it’s important that we stress the severity
of the exodus. This is major! Bad morale at Microsoft is only to be

Mary Jo Foley mentioned Stuart Scott’s highly mysterious departure last
night. It is beginning to seem like this CIO, which Microsoft fired some
time ago for reasons that it tried very hard to hide, was… well, in fact
just doing his job. I have just received the following E-mail:

This one is in Danish, but you might be able to grasp some of the last

It looks like there is a rumor that the fellow was fired for doing his
job, which means setting up a FOSS infrastructure. I suppose HotMail still
runs on FreeBSD, though it’d be hard to find out for sure. The front end
is obfuscated.

This is perhaps far from confirmed, but having seen accusations of
“paranoia and parochialism” (which are associated/connotated with
aliments) it’s worth repeating something. Being alert and watching out
for things isn’t over the line, especially given some of the stuff which
is found in the Halloween Memos/Documents. The above may be just rumours,
but there is basis for trust given the status of the publication and some
of Microsoft’s existing (and sometimes secret) hidden deployments of
GNU/Linux. Examples include:

It’s unofficial: Microsoft bets business on Linux

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