OSS Developers and the Road Less Traveled

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| Is it a wise career move for software developers and asipring ones to
| establish a concentration on open source development tools and applications?
| Amanda McPherson argues that it is, especially since more and more
| corporations are using OSS platforms and applications. I tend to agree,
| although as is true with all investments made toward career advancement, it's
| wisest to tread carefully. In particular, expertise with platform software,
| especially emerging platform software, looks to have more and more market
| value.


The Seven/Big/Days/Bang Mashup

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| Regardless of the actions of a few, the influence and strengths of the
| Creationists should not be taken lightly. After all, it was these
| Creationists that are responsible for the formation of the multi-billion
| dollar Linux industry. So, stop patting them on the head.
| Creationists often share another striking characteristic: they are usually
| very fundamentalist about the "right" and "wrong" type of software. If you
| are using something than free or open software, they have serious problems
| with you.
| On the other hand, there are the Evolutionists, those users and coders who do
| nothing but take themselves seriously. To them, open source is almost all
| about success--usually measured in legal tender--and getting software out to

| the marketplace. They are good at what they do, which is take open source
| code and moving it through a business/development process that evolves that
| code into discrete product releases that can be marketed and sold. They are
| usually referred to as the "suits," which is a good enough label, though like
| the hobbyist moniker, it does not completely convey what this group is about.



NEWS: Linux Developers Make A Living

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| Yes, I said paid professionals.
| [...]
| McPherson also notes that “it’s difficult for most people to get their minds
| around competitive mass collaboration.” Indeed, this is what the freedom
| afforded by Linux is all about. People (and companies) contribute not for
| humanitarian reasons, but because they expect a benefit. Work together to
| create the best platform, openly usable by everyone, and if it still doesn’t
| meet your needs perfectly, you are free to change it accordingly. Everyone
| wins. No compromises. * * *


Linux kernel developers have tripled in number

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| The Linux Foundation (LF) has published a study on Linux mainline kernel
| development. According to LF, the number of Linux kernel developers has
| tripled since 2005, with many more companies contributing to the process
| (including, potentially, the latest new LF member, Adobe). *