Penguicon 6.0 -- Penguins in Space!

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| A couple weeks back, I headed down to Penguicon 6.0. It's a Linux convention,
| but also a Science Fiction convention. Really, it's like a geeky version
| of, "Hey your chocolate is in my peanut butter." My intention at the time was
| to record lots and lots of footage, so Linux Journal readers could get a real
| feel for the con, from the comfort of their local Internet feed. As it turns
| out, although I was willing to be on camera, that wasn't the case with most
| people. Here is a very short glimpse of Penguicon 2008...

Open source at the charity-killing Intel:

Open source diva Danese Cooper (video)

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| We first met Danese Cooper when she was working for Sun, where she was a
| major internal open source advocate and often Sun's major spokesperson to the
| rest of the world about open source.


Talking with Mako - The FSF's newest board member

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| At the end of day two of FOSS camp in Cambridge, I was able to grab some time
| with Benjamin Mako Hill. *I had blogged about Mako's appointment to the board
| of the Free Software Foundation back in July but this was the first time that
| I really got to meet him. *He's quite an amiable guy and very enthusiastic
| about what he's involved with (it definitely comes through in the interview). * *