My preferred desktop distro is PCLinuxOS. I use it at work and at
home. My kids use it. In february I made a donation. Here is part of
an email I received after making the donation:

UPDATE: New P.A.S.S (Premium Access System Server) login

We have established a premium repository for PCLinuxOS. This
repository provides almost unlimited bandwidth and storage. It is
not a free server and is only available at this time to those who
have recently donated development funds. All new software packages
will appear on this server first then at a later date, the public
servers will get the packages.

Please copy the attached file into /etc/apt replacing the existing
file and continue to use synaptic/apt as usual.

I knew nothing of this when I made the donation and it was a nice

So today I find I cannot download the latest package info. After
trying several times over a few hours I sent an email asking what was
wrong. A reply came in less than 15 minutes. The premium repository
server has moved to a new server on a different subnet and hence an IP
address change. It will take a while for cached dns info to expire on
dns servers.

As I check for package updates daily I was caught out by this server
move. Most PCLinuxOS probably won't notice it. What I liked was the
speed of response to my email. Try getting that from so called
commercial OS companies (other than auto reply acknowledgment).