Microsoft's Office streaming price too high to compete with Google Apps, some
partners say

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| Nevertheless, some hosting providers are unhappy about the price that
| Microsoft has set for streaming Office, saying it's too high to win over
| customers that are considering or already using less-expensive online office
| suites, such as Google Apps.

Has another Senior Vice President from Microsoft just leave? Gone in 2007 like
many others who left quietly.

Former Microsoft Senior Vice President Rick Devenuti to Join XETA Board of

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| XETA Technologies (Nasdaq:XETA), a national provider of converged voice and
| data communications solutions for the enterprise marketplace, announced today
| that Richard R. (Rick) Devenuti—former Microsoft Senior Vice President for
| Services and IT—will join XETA’s Board of Directors effective May 1, 2008.


Raikes Steps Aside

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| Microsoft is shuffling its executive ranks, with today's surprise
| announcement that Jeff Raikes, president of the Business division, will leave
| the company. Uh-oh. He's not the only executive on the way out the door. *
| Raikes departure will have huge impact on Microsoft as it completes its 2008
| fiscal year on June 30. His division is one of two responsible for nearly all
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| Microsoft's profits. *
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