Microsoft tackles South African pirates

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| "The crackdowns are part of Microsoft’s global Genuine Software Initiative,
| which aims to help protect legitimate distributors and customers from the
| effects of software piracy," said Mark Reynolds, Microsoft South Africa
| partner executive.

Propaganda words in the article above. They have also Unlaeshed their lobbying
army on South Africa:

Multiple Implementations vs. Multiple Standards

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| And which bunch of geniuses put this nonesense together? Why, our old friends
| CompTIA, which has by now given up any pretense of offering objective comment
| on the computer market, and is simply a vehicle for crude Microsoft
| propaganda.

Sad, sad stuff for Microsoft. How low they have sunk...


Embrace the Reality and Logic of Choice

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| Another neo-colonialist press release from Microsoft's CompTIA lobbying arm,
| this time inveighing against South Africa's adoption of ODF as a national
| standard. One way to point out the absurdity of their logic is to replace the
| reference to ODF with references to any other useful standard that a
| government might adopt, like electrical standards. * *

$1 buys a lot of StarOffice

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| As government begins its move to the Open Document Format (ODF) standard, Sun
| Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz has offered President Thabo Mbeki as many
| copies of StarOffice his office requires for a total cost of just $1.00. *
| [...]
| Beveridge explains that the biggest implemetation project currently underway
| within the South African government is the move to ODF.

Government, NGOs 'turning to Linux'

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| "It's extremely easy - basically anyone can install Linux now."
| Organisations such as the Shuttleworth Foundation, which help provide
| computers to underprivileged schools, use Linux instead of Windows to cut
| costs. *

South Africa adopts ODF as a national standard

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| The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) on Friday approved the Open
| Document Format (ODF) as an official national South African standard. The
| adoption of ODF by South Africa opens the way for the businesses and
| government to adopt ODF more widely in their processes. *


SA Government's OSS plans revealed

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| Migration of current systems is also planned. This will be done in a phased
| approach, beginning with applications such as replacing MS Office with Open
| Office or KOffice and replacing Internet Explorer with Firefox. This will in
| time lead up to the operating system, replacing Windows with a Linux
| * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| distribution. Migration to Apache for the running of government websites has
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^
| already occurred within a number of departments. * *

Microsoft Happy with the Evolution of Windows Vista Piracy

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| But the truth is that Microsoft is happy with the way Windows Vista
| piracy is evolving. Is there a catch to this? No. The fact of the
| matter is that Windows Vista has delivered a heavy blow to
| software counterfeiters. The reason for this is the new Windows
| Genuine Advantage security mechanism integrated into the
| operating system.
| You may not notice this on the surface. On the surface, the
| Internet is crawling with Windows Vista cracks, hacks and
| workarounds. On the surface, every Windows Vista edition has
| been cracked and is available for download via peer-to-peer
| networks. But this is not the true extent of Windows Vista piracy.

Governments Must Reject Gates' $3 Bid to Addict Next Billion PC Users

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| "Microsoft's strategy of getting developing nations hooked on its
| software was clearly outlined by Bill Gates almost a decade ago," said
| Con Zymaris, CEO of long-standing open source firm Cybersource.
| Specifically, Bill Gates, citing China as an example, said:
| *
| * "Although about 3 million computers get sold every year in China, but
| * people don't pay for the software," he said. "Someday they will, though.
| * As long as they are going to steal it, we want them to steal ours.
| * They'll get sort of addicted, and then we'll somehow figure out how to
| * collect sometime in the next decade."[1]