Solaris/Linux System Administrator
Company: Analytic Recruiting, Inc. Location: New York, NY 10001
Commensurate with experience Status: Full Time, Employee
Job Category: IT/Software Development Occupations: Network and Server Administration
Relevant Work Experience: 5+ to 7 Years Career Level: Experienced (Non-Manager)
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
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Job Description

Solid global financial services firm seeks a Senior Systems Administrator to be responsible for day to day system administration, engineering, and technical support for their Linux, Solaris, and UNIX based systems. Requires 5 plus years experience with a focus on strong Solaris/Linux understanding in a large distributed UNIX environment for a financial services organization.

If you are a suitable candidate, you can expect:
- a follow-up call to further discuss the position, your interests and expertise.
- your resume will be sent to our client(s) only after we obtain your approval.

Refer to Job# 16484-Monster and email MS Word attached resume to Tim Valdner,
or register online at choosing Tim Valdner as your recruiter contact.

Company: Analytic Recruiting, Inc.
Contact: Tim Valdner
Email: Apply by Email
Reference Code: TV 209-16484

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