strong Platform Engineer, Linux
Company: adMarketplace Location: New York, NY 10004 Salary/Wage:
competitive salary and stock options package DOE Status: Full Time,
Employee Job Category: IT/Software Development Occupations: Network and
Server Administration;General/Other: IT/Software
Development;Software/System Architecture Relevant Work Experience: 5+ to
7 Years Career Level: Experienced (Non-Manager) Education Level:
Bachelor's Degree
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Job Description

adMarketplace is a leading online advertising company with a world-class
product, entrepreneurial work culture, and break-neck growth. Founded in
2000, adMarketplace is located in the Manhattan’s financial district.

Our culture is startup, but the revenues, customers, and profits are real.
If remarkable large scale internet products are your passion this is a
great opportunity for you.

Remember, we're real people here, not recruitment agents; so don't just
send us a standard cover letter and your resume which lists a bunch of
buzzwords. Tell us about yourself in human terms. We'll reply. Really.
We'll talk. You'll come meet the team.


adMarketplace is looking for an experienced Platform Engineer to help us
manage growth of the adMarketplace online advertising exchange. Our
development cycle is very rapid and your job is to ensure the stability of
the system and its 24/7 operation while constantly releasing updates.

The position includes a focus on both software and systems so is an
opportunity for individuals gifted with a 'dual nature' - a passion for
both code and immaculate systems. You will research and rapidly prototype
candidate platform components,write test code for functional unit,
integration and load testing. You will be working in a distributed server
environment and deal with things like clusters,replication, redundancy.

Our system is based on Linux/CentOS, Java, Apache/Tomcat, MySQL, Memcached
and other mostly open source technologies. You need to be hands on with
these and not be shy of shell scripting. The production environment is a
farm of several dozen servers handling over 300 million requests per day.
Reliable operation is critical and you will be responsible for deployment,
monitoring and verifying product releases.


* At least 5 years deep-tech working experience with Unix-based
systems. * At least 3 years experience as a software developer. *
Experience with large scale systems. * Experience with scripting
languages. * Java knowledge is not required but is a plus. *
Experience with databases. MySQL is a plus. * Good communication
skills, both written and verbal. * B.Sc. Computer Science or
equivalent experience. * A "Get things done" attitude

COMPENSATION: competitive salary and stock options package depending on

Company: adMarketplace
Email: Apply by Email
Address: 55 Broad Street
23rd Floor
New York,NY 10004

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