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LINUX System Engineers New York 90- 130k annual

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Our client is a multi-national software company that is aggressively hiring Linux systems engineers for upcoming projects. Enjoy exciting opportunities, and diverse projects that will allow you to take your IT background to the next level. Requirements:
Ability to solve complex problems, handle multiple projects, work in a team environment and meet deadlines.
Willingness to maintain and support legacy programs.
Familiarity with SDLC.
Experience developing on UNIX and/or Linux & with Windows desktop environments and applications.

MCSE & CCIE certifications a plus
B.S. degree in Computer Science/Engineering or Physical Sciences and 5-10 years in practical software engineering
Thorough knowledge of programming on a Linux based OS required Thorough knowledge of hard real-time OS protocols and techniques as required.
Grasps a full range of applicable engineering principles and practices and has the ability for effectively applying accepted approaches to complex engineering problems Good written and oral communication skills Creativity and innovation skills required to solve new problems and to uncover new problems to solve Good Group interaction skills

Interviews are being scheduled now : Apply to Stephen Zadwyds

Additional Information
Position Type: Full Time, Employee
Ref Code: 708332
Contact Information
Stephen Zadwydas
Huxley Associates - New York
NEW YORK 10020
Ph: +01 212 707 8220
Fax: +01 212 707 8330
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