Company: Vertex Solutions Location: New York, NY 10165 Status: Full
Time, Temporary/Contract/Project, Employee Job Category: IT/Software
Development Occupations: Network and Server
Administration;Software/System Architecture;Systems Analysis - IT Career
Level: Experienced (Non-Manager) Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
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Job Description

Please send your word resume and rate/salary requirements asap for this
great opportunity at a major media company in midtown Manhattan. This is
a high profile role working on supporting some very well known web sites.


BS or MS degree in Computer Science or Engineering.

* 4+ years of Solaris (5.8 or 5.10) or Linux (RedHat AS 3 or 4) system
administration experience. * Understanding of Perl and UNIX shell
scripting languages (sh, bash, csh or ksh). * Unparalleled problem
solving and troubleshooting skills through complete understanding of
OS, application interfaces and networking: HTTP, TCP/IP, SSH. *
Experience installing, deploying, configuring and tuning enterprise
monitoring tools such as: SiteScope, ProactiveNet, Patrol or Keynote
in a large Solaris/Linux environment. Big Brother ok. * Keen interest
in creating meaningful policies, procedures and documentation to
reduce downtime. * Excellent team player with strong ability to
communicate complex technical topics verbally and in writing to peers,
subordinates and management. * Talent for data analysis and
presentation of findings. Ability to organize information in simplest,
most relevant way based on audience. Ability to map technical issues
to potential business impact.

This candidate will be part of the Internet Operations Patch team. The
team’s primary responsibility is to maintain the enterprise server farms
that support such highly trafficked web sites while maintaining the
highest standards in reliability, uptime and performance. The team’s
duties include general Unix system administrative tasks, operating system
and software release patching, close coordination on hardware, software
and network maintenance, enterprise monitoring, service level tracking and
reporting and disaster recovery planning.

Specific responsibilities will include

· Providing technical leadership and guidance to junior systems
engineers and offshore reporting and analytics resources.

· Insuring the organization maintains the highest service level
objectives on web site and publishing performance and availability by
daily reviews of SLA results from monitoring tools such as ProactiveNet
and Keynote.

· Work with Operations and Engineering staff to proactively
troubleshoot, analyze and resolve all alerts and alarms generated on the

· Conduct detailed analyses of slowdowns and outages to aid in
the post mortem and solution process.

· Implementing monitoring across hardware, software and

· Train engineer-on-call staff on use of monitoring tools and
root cause analysis.

· Audit and qualify existing monitoring across the infrastructure
and determine if there are gaps or functional overlaps. Recommend and
assist with adoption of new tools as they become available and assist with
decommissioning of older technologies.

· Working with external resources creating SLA reports to explain
any deviations from the norm.

The right candidate will be a ‘self starter’ who will demonstrate an
appropriate blend of superior technical, organizational and interpersonal
skills. Strong communication skills, both written and verbal are
essential, as is the ability to simultaneously handle multiple projects in
a dynamic and fast paced environment. Ideally the candidate should have
previous experience in the operational side of a large Fortune 500
company's web site(s).

Company: Vertex Solutions
Email: Apply by Email
Reference Code: linuxadmin0314

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