Software Engineer - Performance Engineer, Quality Assurance (Midtown)
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Date: 2008-05-01, 12:10PM EDT

Pipeline Financial Group, Inc. ( is a rapidly growing electronic marketplace for large block institutional equities trading. We are seeking a Performance Engineer to contribute to the utilization and improvement of internal/external load testing software to generate and analyze performance metrics on Pipeline Trading Systems. You will be on a team who understands and interprets advanced systems information in multiple OS platforms. Performance Engineers work together with QA Engineers, Developers, and the Operations team to evaluate performance, capacity and launch verifications.

* Fully understand the internal and external software processes
* Work with engineers to develop home-grown automated tests where scalability and speed will be some of your prime concerns
* Work on projects end-to-end from initial concept, through design, implementation, and quality assurance, to delivery and maintenance of the product
* Exercise flexibility and the ability to multi-task in a high stress environment

Minimum Qualifications:

- BS/BA or Master's degree in Computer Science or related field
- 3+ years of relevant work experience
- Experience with performance testing and analysis tools
- Strong UNIX/LINUX background
- C/C++, PERL, PYTHON, PHP, CGI, Shell programming experience
- Experience with performance testing theories and methodologies
- Some experience with Apache and other open source packages.
- Familiarity with XML basic principles.
- Excellent analytical and problem solving skills

Preferred Qualifications/Skills:

- Programming experience with TCP/IP, UDP, FIX or TIBCO
- Understanding of OOP and event-driven programming
- Relational Database programming with PostgreSQL/MySQL/Oracle
- Knowledge of DHTML, JavaScript, CSS and AJAX
- Experience with Trading Platform
- Excellent teamwork skills

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