Microsoft Hit With Patent Suit Over RoundTable

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| According to FullView, Microsoft became aware of the relevant patent or
| predecessor patents in 2003, before the patent was actually awarded to
| FullView in March 2004. Microsoft in fact cites the patent, number 6,700,711,
| in a patent application it filed in 2002.

Let them learn another lesson. They wanted intellectual monopolies on


Microsoft Told to Pay Alcatel-Lucent $368 Million

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| Microsoft Corp., the world's biggest software maker, was told to pay $368
| million after a jury found it infringed two patents owned by Alcatel-Lucent
| SA for touch- screen form entry and use of a stylus on computers. Â*

Microsoft and Dell await verdict on patent claim

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| The patents were owned by Lucent Technologies Inc, which Alcatel SA acquired
| in 2006. Lucent sued in 2002 claiming infringement of patents for
| computer-video coding used in digital television, DVDs and video games, a
| method for entering data on computer forms, and the use of a stylus. Â*

Avistar baffled over Microsoft patent fight

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| So far, four of Microsoft’s requests have been rejected by the US Patent
| Trademark Office (USPTO) on procedural grounds. If all procedural flaws are
| corrected, the USPTO has approximately two months to decide whether or not to
| grant the requests and hold a full formal re-examination. Â*
| Tony Rodde, president of Avistar, said: “Avistar has a lot of questions about
| why Microsoft might be doing this, because some of these patents have nothing
| to do with Microsoft’s technology or business.” Â*