Adobe opens up Flash for the mobile world. A lesson for Microsoft

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| Royalty free. Open publication of protocols. No side-deals to ensure a dearth
| of competition. Maybe Microsoft could take a page from Adobe's playbook. That
| is, if it wants to be relevant on the web.

Linux funny and otherwise edifying factoids

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| Novell has a seat on the board of the Linux Foundation, the foundation
| sponsoring Linus so that he'd be free to work on the Linux kernel. Yup, the
| same Novell from the ominous Microsoft-Nowell agreement related to Linux
| patenting. Do board seats have any odor?

Ballmer caught bluffing...

Ballmer admits his open-source blindspot

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| Could it be, Mr. Ballmer, that you are classically overlooking a major
| opportunity for Microsoft because you simply don't understand the open-source
| opportunity? Now would be a good time for a touch of humility and a smidgeon
| of good counsel from those around you.


Adobe Joins Linux Foundation But Forgets About Flash for Linux

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| I would hope that Zemlin will encourage Adobe to now treat Linux as a first
| class citizen as opposed to an afterthought for release after Windows.
| I hope Zemlin will pressure Adobe to finally actually make Flash -- not just
| the player -- but Flash CS3 Professional, (the core Flash development tool)
| available for Linux as a fully commercially available and supported product. *
| It is somewhat ironic in my opinion that Adobe can join the Linux Foundation,
| claim to support Linux and yet not offer its flagship Flash development tool
| on Linux. * *