Dvd Reviews Review: Shuttle Linuxpc Sd3002q Small Form Factor Pc With Linux

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| On the plus side, it's a superbly built, tiny PC with a reliable Linux OS.
| There's enough hardware and software to make you highly productive, and with
| the included two-year, pick-up-and-return warranty, it's good value at £500
| (inc VAT).



Hardware Review: Shuttle LinuXPC SD3002Q *

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| PERSONAL computers with Linux pre-installed have been springing up all over
| the place in recent months. Now Shuttle, the Taiwanese company famous for
| making small but perfectly formed PCs, have gotten in on the act. I’ve been
| spending some time in the company of their LinuXPC SD3002Q, which is sold
| with openSUSE 10.3 Linux pre-installed. * *


Shuttle announces K45 mini-PC barebone, and systems shipping with Linux

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| Shuttle recently introduced its K45 mini-PC barebone, based on the Intel
| 945GC chip set and supporting both power-saving and current dual-core
| processors.


$199 Shuttle kPC ditches Ubuntu for Foresight Linux

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| When Shuttle unveiled its low-cost kPC desktop at CES in January, word was
| that the machine would come pre-loaded with a copy of the popular Ubuntu
| Linux operating system.