Mini Review: Open Source in Harvard Business Review

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| As the CEO's quest continues, she begins to worry that in many people's eyes
| her company is seen as the overly powerful corporate enemy with an iron grip
| on its IP. Then she worries about how her developers will react. She fears
| that they desert her if she opens up all of their code to the community. At
| the same time, these same developers are ragged from trying to get out the
| next release. But then again, she wonders if perhaps the open-source model
| would make their lives easier? One fault in the article is that she never has
| a conversation with her developers to ask their opinion. The discussions are
| always among the executives. (How typical is that!). The story closes with
| KMS' executives finding a YouTube video of a bunch of people playing a tune
| on competing devices much more sophisticated and cooler than those from KMS.
| The article suggests that they are open-source competitors that have not only
| copied the idea of the original KMS devices but have improved them in ways
| the firm never even contemplated, leaving the executives a bit stunned.


Sun CEO: "Proprietary"...did more damage to sun than any market downturn

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| Sun has discovered the exact same thing. Freedom sells. Or, rather,
| services around freedom sell. The freedom itself is, well, free.