Start-up adds standard PCs to storage pools

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| Kapsean Inc. makes software called iSCUBE, which consists of a Linux-based
| storage server operating system that takes disks from multiple x86 PCs,
| aggregates the storage (compare storage products) and allows administrators
| to move storage units across such devices as Windows servers, desktops and
| notebooks, said Roger Gaudet, Kapsean's vice president of engineering and
| chief architect.

Sun is trying to do the right thing also:

Sun Leads Developers Down the Open Storage Path

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| As a way of nurturing the developer community surrounding its open storage
| initiative, Sun Microsystems is putting together a cookbook of sorts. Sun has
| released a couple of recipes to help developers create storage units using
| its Solaris operating system.


Exponential Storage: Security Through Openness

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| Exponential Storage hopes to one day persuade the National Security Agency
| and other government bureaus to hire the company for its data storage
| network. Its focus on NSA seems to have potential: The agency already
| established that open source software can be made secure and uses it for some
| computer functions.

HP introduces Linux-based NAS appliances

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| Hewlett-Packard (HP) is debuting two Linux-based networked attached storage
| (NAS) devices for the consumer/SOHO market. Based on a Marvell Orion
| processor and equipped with a generous 512MB of RAM, the new low-end Media
| Vault appliances come in single- (mv2100) or dual hard drive (mv5100)
| versions. * *