Yahoo-Google Pact May Be Close

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| Yahoo Inc. could announce an agreement to carry search advertisements from
| Google Inc. within a week, as it braces for Microsoft Corp. to go hostile or
| abandon its unsolicited acquisition offer for Yahoo, say people familiar with
| the matter.


Yahoogle? Microspace? It makes Google look good

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| "We view Google as a winner," said Stanford Group analysts Clayton Moran and
| Frederick Moran in a report. They believe the new options have the potential
| to slow Microsoft's acquisition attempt, complicate already formidable
| integration challenges by Google rivals, and increase Google's share of the
| search market if Yahoo relies on it.

Another reason Microsoft should give up on Yahoo: Morale

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| There’s been lots of back and forth about Microsoft and Ballmer being at risk
| of “losing face” if Microsoft gives up on its Yahoo acquisition plan. I feel
| as though there’s nothing embarassing about admitting your original idea was
| ill-advised, and after three months, you’ve realized you could better spend
| your billions elsewhere. * *