Readers' Choice Awards 2008

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| Back in January and February, we surveyed you, our readers, to find out what
| Linux-based products, tools and services you prefer these days. More than
| 5,900 of you completed the survey, and your favorites are the worthy
| recipients of the 2008 Readers' Choice Awards. Although some results are
| predictable, many are certain to both interest and surprise you.


Linux Users Base More Than doubled Over Last One Year: Survey

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| The number of Linux users has more than doubled over the last one year, says
| a new survey by The survey also said Ubuntu remains their
| Linux distribution of choice. *

Survey: Desktop Linux use grows

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|, which is a Web site devoted to, obviously, desktop Linux,
| has finished a survey that found more than a doubling of Linux desktop users
| in the past year. *

Where are the American Linux desktop users?

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| In early results, the survey is finding that Linux desktops are used far more
| in SMBs (small and midsize businesses) than in any other office environment.
| In any business with Linux desktops, you're also almost certainly going to
| find Windows desktop users. The Mac OS, while lagging far behind the others,
| is still showing up in higher numbers than most desktop surveys indicate.

Navigation and Incompatibility Top Vista Issues

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| According to a recent independent survey from, of
| 1,000 PC users in the U.S., more than two-thirds experienced
| some sort of computer problem with Vista, including 30 percent
| who experienced problems due to the new user interface.

Leopard Beats Vista for Corporate Satisfaction

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| In a February survey of 2,200 U.S. corporate computer users, 53% of those
| using Mac OS X 10.5 reported that they were very satisfied with their
| operating system. Of those using Windows XP or Windows Vista, however, 40% of
| the former and only 8% of the latter said they were very satisfied. *
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