gNewSense 2.0, a premier Freedomware platform based on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS,

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| I believe it is worth a special mention that gNewSense 2.0 has just been
| released. It is based off Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron which was released just a
| week ago, so this is a brand new thing for everyone who wishes to run a pure
| Free Software system. However, there is much more to it than being a system
| for uncompromising Freedomware enthusiasts.

Ultra-free gNewSense 2.0 beta released

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| Brian Brazil and the team behind the ultra-free gNewSense Linux distribution
| have released a beta of the forthcoming 2.0 (or Deltah) series. gNewSense is
| based on Ubuntu but strips the distribution of non-free components to provide
| users with a truly free operating system. gNewSense is backed by the Free
| Software Foundation.

gNewSense 2.0 [Screenshots]

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| Less than a week after the release of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS "Hardy Heron", the Free
| Software Foundation has gone ahead and released version 2.0 (named DeltaH) of
| gNewSense. For those not familiar with gNewSense, this is one of the few
| distributions certified by the Free Software Foundation as being a truly free
| Linux distribution. gNewSense 2.0 is essentially Ubuntu 8.04 LTS but with a
| few modifications to make it more free by removing some binary-only
| components. New in gNewSense 2.0 is also new artwork, switching the default
| web browser from Mozilla Firefox to Epiphany, Blag's deblob script in the
| kernel, and non-free GLX being removed from X.Org/Mesa. Here are a few
| screenshots from this latest release.


Rethinking Gobuntu

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| If that is the case, then I think it would be better
| to channel the energy from Gobuntu into gNewSense.

Eight Distros a Week: gNewSense 1.1

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| The KDE version of gNewSense, which I ran on the PIII desktop, ran through
| its paces flawlessly, although the caveat here is that I didn’t have an
| Internet connection and couldn’t put it through some on-line tests that I did
| with the laptop. *


The Importance of the 'Completely Libre' Distributions

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| What's more, I recently migrated a local user to gNewSense from
| his improperly-licensed, virus-ridden Windows XP system. I am due to follow
| up with him soon, so we'll see how his GNU/Linux eXPerience is going.
| Frankly, I'm pretty sure he'll agree that gNewSense is a great demonstration
| of the power of software freedom. * * *

Has it been a week with Ubuntu already?

Installing Gobuntu 7.10

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| The installation process of Gobuntu is text mode-based, and it is quite
| painful for most users, because it will not detect modern hardware, such as
| SCSI hard drives. So unless you have an IDE hard drive, don't even bother to
| follow the next steps. *

Willing to buy a high-end, free-software-only laptop?

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| To that end I’d like to build up a list of people who are interested in this
| idea, and would potentially buy a high-powered laptop if it were guaranteed
| to work completely with free software drivers and OpenBIOS. *

Gobuntu is… go

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| Thanks to Colin and Evan’s efforts we now have daily images of a
| freedom-focused flavour of Ubuntu, “Gobuntu”.

Ubuntu's Gibbon gets free

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| Ubuntu's October release code-named "Gutsy Gibbon" will be available
| in a new, free flavour, its founder Mark Shuttleworth said today.
| [...]
| In an e-mail to Ubuntu developers, Shuttleworth said: "work will be done in
| collaboration with the folks behind gNewsense". gNewsense is a Linux
| distribution backed by the Free Software Foundation that removes all
| non-free material from Ubuntu.

gNewSense KDE 1.1 Screenshots 1024x768px

Press Release 20070122 - gNewSense 1.1 Released

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| I am pleased to announce the 1.1 release of the gNewSense
| distribution and tools.

gNewSense KDE 1.1 Screenshots 1024x768px

GNewSense 1.0 Screenshot Walkthrough

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| The Free Software Foundation has announced the inaugural stable
| release of gNewSense, an Ubuntu-based distribution, modified to
| include Free Software only...

gNewSense joins list of FSF-approved distros

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| However, gNewSense is also an important step toward its long-range
| goal of persuading manufacturers to produce computers that run
| completely free software, from the operating system and drivers
| down to the BIOS. Buoyed by both the release of gNewSense and the
| plans to use the LinuxBIOS in the One Laptop Per Child project,
| Brown says, "We believe we're getting there slowly but surely.
| We're getting to the point where maybe in 12 months we're going
| to have those computers."

From freedom to slavery; a week of two distros

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| While gNewSense enjoys its initial introduction as a fully free as in
| freedom distribution, it seems at the same time an existing GNU/Linux
| distribution has turned to slavery. Excuse me a moment, while I remove
| the metaphorical knife from my back before continuing. Never before
| has the contrast between software freedom and intellectual slavery
| been more clear thanks to the proud efforts of gNewSense, and the
| craven ones of Novell.