First Look: The Linux-Based Paragon Rescue Kit for Mac OS X Lite

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| It had never occurred to me that you might be able to boot your Mac from
| Linux on a CD, and certainly the thought of using a Linux-based repair
| utility on a Mac never crossed my mind. But I went ahead and burned a disc
| and started up from it to see what it could do.


R1Soft Introduces First Windows Server Bare-Metal Restore Using Linux Live CD

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| ...R1Soft provides its customers a bootable Linux Live CD ISO image
| compatible with most popular Windows Server storage and network devices.
| Administrators can initiate a restore by simply inserting the CD, powering
| on, and then selecting a point-in-time virtual full backup to restore from in
| the R1Soft CDP Server web interface. * *

Linux, Unix more reliable than Windows

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| The Yankee Group claims to poll about 700 users hailing from 27 different
| countries. Preliminary findings from the report are published by the
| Institute for advanced Professional Studoes, here. *