Open-Source, Multitouch Display

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| Engineers are building inexpensive, tabletop, touch-screen displays and
| sharing the instructions online.

AMD pretends that open standards are open source.

AMD touts open source tools for client management

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| Indeed, open standards are a concept that is widely accepted, as evidenced by
| Intel’s vPro updates last August. As part of its disclosure, Intel said at
| that time that it expected PCs with this version of Intel vPro processor
| technology to be among the first to comply with the DMTF’s DASH 1.0 draft
| interoperability specification and web services management.


In Brazil, a local alternative to the OLPC

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| The tabletop PCs will have WiFi connectivity, Intel Celeron processors, small
| solid-state drives (no local hard drive) and will run a version of Linux. *

Linux MPX Multi-touch Table May Become Alternative Microsoft Surface

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| It may not be as fancy-schmancy as Microsoft Surface or Jeff Han's demos but
| this video of a Linux-based MPX multi-touch table shows that things are
| moving full speed ahead in the land of the free penguins. *

Multi-touch support for MPX [in Linux]

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| MPX already supported multiple input devices. Which blows pretty much all
| assumptions in user interfaces (input) out of the water. Now I've gone one
| step further and added support for multi-touch displays. Have a look at this
| video... *

Microsoft Rips off Researchers at Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona

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| Recently while on vacation I was flipping channels and came across a
| channel called “current TV”, what caught my eye was a computer booting
| to Kubuntu. This computer looked remarkably like Microsoft’s new
| Surface touch table. Funny thing is the reactable has been around
| over three years and research has been going on much longer than that.

Microsoft Surface idea not that new?

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| An attached PC, running Linux and Reactrix software, calculates the
| location and movement of an object interrupting the beam and enables
| the system to allow a basic interaction with projected content.

Jeff Han's Research Ripped by Microsoft Surface?

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| Jeff Han, consulting research scientist for NYU's Department of
| Computer Science, developed a multi-touch interactive graphical
| interface, which he presented at the TED conference over a year
| ago. His research turned into its own company, Perceptive Pixel.
| Now it seems Microsoft completely ripped the idea and created
| Microsoft Surface.