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I'm loving 8.04.

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| Since I downloaded Ubuntu 8.04, I've loaded it onto an older 32 bit desktop
| and a new 64 bit laptop. It's doing great on both, much better that ANY
| version of Linux or Windows before it.

Ubuntu 8.04, “Hardy Heron”: My personal review

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| I’ve never done a review, per se. However, I feel the need to write one for
| the new release of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, version 8.04, codenamed
| Hardy Heron.

europa gets an upgrade

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| First Impressions
| * Firefox 3 Beta 5 works much better than Firefox 2. There is a noticable
| and much welcomed difference in performance between the two. In addition,
| all my plugins, including CookieSwap and Greasemonkey now work. I also
| had to install oldbar to get rid of the ugly double-line URL bar that's
| been forced upon us. Another annoyance is the download window. It doesn't
| have a clear button on it; I have to right-click the properties on the
| pane and select clear from there. What a pain.
| * I downloaded and installed Netbeans 6.1. The new release hasn't been
| pushed out to the repositories; they still have 6.0.1. It, too, is
| faster, especially on startup. It runs with Java 6 Update 10 beta, which
| is also not in the repositories. But everything seems to be running well.
| * As I mentioned above I'm using the current latest ATI video drivers,
| 8-4. During the upgrade and while trying to make 3D effects live with my
| OpenGL apps, I put a plain xorg.conf in place and re-ran
| aticonfig --initial against it, to get rid of all the cruft it had
| accumulated under 7.10. Didn't make a bit of difference.
| * All multimedia continues to work. Not one thing broke.

Meanwhile, Microsoft&Mouthpieces: "Ubuntu is dangerous!!!!11" [to our revenue]

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Evolution of a Linux User

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| Linux has been very good to me. I try to give something back, by being
| involved on forums and through this blog. My story is not unique. There are
| millions of satisfied Linux users. Most use Ubuntu, but many others choose a
| lesser known distro. Linux has just about something for everyone. *
| When I used Windows, I constantly felt left behind. The OS aged and so did my
| equipment. In time Windows began to run slowly and look dated. Since I have
| switched to Linux, that is never the case. Things are never dull. I can try
| any number of distros and tailor the OS to meet my needs. I feel the same
| excitement with Linux that got me using computers in the first place, now
| over two and a half decades ago. * *

Tech Remedy Official Review: Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

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| All in all I’m impressed that Hardy is living up to the hype. *I will say
| again that I don’t like the use of beta software in a release of an OS, but
| thats just me I guess. *I highly recommend checking Hardy Heron out. *If you
| are currently a Windows user, the Ubuntu Developers included a nifty way for *
| you to install Hardy as an application under your current windows install to
| try it out! *Pretty cool! *Please post your comments and let me know what
| your experience has been with Hardy Heron. * *


Ballmer: Vista Is 'a Work in Progress'

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| As PC users clamor for Microsoft to continue to support Windows XP, company
| CEO Steve Ballmer called the Vista OS "a work in progress" at an annual
| Seattle event on Thursday.

Holy Crap: Did Bill Gates Just Say Windows Sucks?

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| We asked a simple question: what Microsoft product could have used a little
| more polish before release? The answer astounded us. We would just like to
| thank Bill Gates for his honesty and his openness.