Blog: The Challenge Open Source Presents to CIOs

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| "I was with the CIO of a very traditional financial institution recently. At
| the end of our meeting, I said, "By the way, we've just announced the closing
| of our acquisition of MySQL." The CIO looked at me, and she said, "Well,
| that's nice, but we really don't use MySQL here. We're a proprietary software
| shop." A very eager Sun sales rep was with me who had checked in with his
| buddy at MySQL and found out that this organization had downloaded MySQL
| 1,300 times in the last six months.
| "[The CIO] was stunned by that. A couple of their technology folks who were
| also there said, "Actually, it's the No. 1 database all of us use. It's just
| that we don't have a commercial license because we've been told we're a
| proprietary vendor shop."

Microsoft-funded analysts try to hide this great success as well. They count
just sales and ignore downloads (of Free software), then tell the press that
MySQL's 'market share' is 1%, at least in India. This is a true and recent
story (Gartner and Frost & Sullivan the guilty parties). Lying for pay...

“Analysts sell out - that’s their business model… But they are very concerned
that they never look like they are selling out, so that makes them very
prickly to work with.”

* * * * * * * * Microsoft, internal document
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Sun CEO Schwartz Champions Open Source at Web 2.0

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| Schwartz also gave out some numbers pertaining to MySQL. As eWeek notes
| Schwartz is excited by the fact that MySQL gets 70,000 downloads a day onto
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| servers and storage devices. Those, of course, are high profit margin *
| categories that Sun specializes in. *

Mera SQL, dil mangey more!

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| Then in 1996 a Swedish startup came up with the idea of creating a data base
| — or Structured Query Language (SQL), you ask questions of your data, any way
| you want — entirely in the Open Source arena.
| What’s more, it was meant for people to use with Web applications — and it
| would be free.
| MySQL was born and after 100 million downloads, it is one of the most popular
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| Web-centric data base tools in use today.