CeBIT Australia ‘08: Open Source for business gets show underway

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| With around three weeks to go, organisers of CeBIT Australia 2008 - Hanover
| Fairs - has confirmed global experts from technology giants Oracle, Red Hat,
| Google and Varien will join local specialists like Atlassian and Solutions
| First at Open CeBIT.


Australian open source industry worth $500 million

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| "The industry as a whole is earning $500 million," said Jeff Waugh,
| co-founder of Waugh Partners, which conducted the survey online late last
| year. "Directly open source related earnings are about $300 million, but the
| reason why we're distinguishing between these numbers is the industry is not
| just companies that build open source software. They also use open source
| products to support other parts of their business as well."
| Waugh said the figure was calculated by taking the midpoint earnings figures
| specified by companies who took part, and extrapolating over the broader ICT
| industry using existing data such as surveys by the Australian Bureau of
| Statistics and Australian Computer Society. Waugh Partners estimates the
| respondents represent about a quarter of the overall industry.