Freedom, Free Software and Free Society

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| Of course, Hollywood and some record companies plan to use “trusted
| computing” for DRM, so that downloaded videos and music can be played only on
| one specified computer.
| All these maneuvers are taking away your freedoms. If we don’t watch
| ourselves, our free society will bounce back to the authoritarian
| dictatorship’s times, and your computer will start to obey not you, but
| the “trusted computing” software installed. And the dangers are greater each
| year.
| [...]
| Today you can avoid being restricted by proprietary software not using it. If
| you run GNU/Linux...

Ubuntu Studio - The OS For the Ultimate Open Source Artist?

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| If you are acquainted with installing the packages through Synaptic Package
| Manager of Ubuntu, then you just need to install these packages. On the other
| hand, if you do not want to meddle with the nuances, and would just want it
| all out of the box, Ubuntu Studio seems to be the choice of OS and
| Application suite of which is free - both in terms of freedom and funds.


NBC to Apple: Build antipiracy into iTunes

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| NBC Universal would like to have its TV shows distributed once again through
| Apple's iTunes service, a top executive said Wednesday, but he called for
| antipiracy measures to help protect his business' revenue. *

RIAA boss: Move copyright filtering from ISPs to users’ PCs

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| The issue of encryption "would have to be faced," Sherman admitted after
| talking about the wonders of filtering. "One could have a filter on the end
| user's computer that would actually eliminate any benefit from encryption
| because if you want to hear [the music], you would need to decrypt it, and at
| that point the filter would work."