Microsoft: Massive site attacks not our fault

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| Sisk said the post was in response to reports that over half a million pages,
| including some belonging to the United Nations, have been compromised by SQL
| injection attacks. Once hacked, those sites were modified to download malware
| to visitors' PCs.

The Internet is a mess at the moment. And it's bound to get worse.

Days ago:

Microsoft warns of web server flaw

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| The company has issued an advisory on the vulnerability, which affects
| Windows XP Professional SP2, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows
| Server 2008.
| [...]
| "The web server is widely used on the internet, and is a top pick by
| web-hosting providers. We might see web-hosting providers targeted, and their
| clients' websites breached."

Huge Web Hack Attack Infects 500,000 Pages

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| One anti-virus vendor said the sites might have been compromised through
| a "security issue" in Microsoft's Web server software that has been reported
| to Microsoft's engineers. *