Open source management software breaks into the data center

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| When a Linux rollout cuts costs, proprietary IT management software is the
| next budget item on the chopping block.
| [...]
| However, the displacement of many proprietary products by the open source
| movement may enter the equation for enterprise management tools as well.
| Using open source to manage open source, with products such as GroundWork
| Open Source, Puppet, and Zenoss, might be the answer to this dilemma.

From the head of Zenoss:

Viral Loops

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| That’s a beautiful thing acquire a customer that recruits other users at a
| compound rate. Given the description of open source software as viral in
| nature it makes me wonder how we might get the I don’t know how to
| incorporate a viral loop into open source software . I am not sure exactly
| what method would work for systems management software like Zenoss but maybe
| the guys at OSS start-ups Ringside Networks and Appcelerator might have a
| clue…


Zenoss Core Named 2008 CODiE Awards Finalist for Best Open Source Solution

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| Trade Association Recognizes Zenoss Along with Industry Leaders Red Hat and
| Sourcefire

OmniPresence Selects Zenoss to Remotely Monitor its Web Conferencing Solutions

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| Open Source IT Management Solution Helps OmniPresence Meet Customer Service
| Level Agreements

Zenoss: New dog masters old monitoring tricks

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| Zenoss is distributed either in the form of Linux RPM (Red Hat Package
| Manager) packages or as a prebuilt VMware appliance. It is readily compatible
| with a wide range of popular Linux distributions as well as Apple's OS X.
| Distribution in the form of a VMware appliance makes Zenoss easy to evaluate
| and helps pave the way for shops with no Linux expertise or available
| dedicated hardware to implement it. The RPM installation is nicely scripted
| and works well enough such that an admin with very limited Linux experience
| will find it relatively painless to get up and running. Upgrades are also
| relatively easy to accomplish ??? usually only requiring the application of a
| new RPM and the execution of a data migration script. * * * *