Rt2x00 project for wireless nearing success

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| Van Doorn describes the project's goal as enabling a device that "works out
| of the box. The driver should be rock-solid, have excellent data throughput,
| and not consume more memory than strictly needed. For advanced users, it
| should be possible to create multiple virtual interfaces and put them all in
| master mode for software access point and create an extra virtual interface
| for monitor mode just to show off to users of other operating systems.
| "Linux support for Ralink hardware has had a bad reputation for a long time,"
| van Doorn acknowledges, but he adds that "This has already been improving
| over the past year. We are on the right track, and hopefully it won't take
| that long before we can push Rt2x00 past the final obstacles."


Sun Buys Processor Startup Montalvo Systems

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| Sun is one of the few companies that continues to design microprocessors for
| use in its own servers. For example, the company's UltraSparc T2, formerly
| known as Niagara 2, is an octal-core chip that integrates other components of
| a computer on the same chip. The processor is capable of running Sun's own
| Solaris operating system and Linux.
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Apple has just bought one also... and one that supports Linux.


Open source 3D printer copies itself

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| Accordingly, the RepRap machine is distributed, at no cost, under the GNU
| (General Public Licence). *


DIY Robotics: The Rise of Open Source Hardware

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| Holman's not the only one hacking hardware. The hardware-hacking trend,
| perhaps exemplified best by O'Reilly's Make magazine and wildly successful
| Maker Faire, is one of the dominating themes of this year's conference.
| Geeks, accustomed to being able to use and modify open source software like
| Linux without restriction, are adopting the same attitude with respect to
| consumer electronics devices, whether those devices are freely hackable, like
| the forthcoming Google-backed Android operating system for phones, or more
| locked down, like Apple's iPhone.