The Usefulness Of Linux-Next

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| Andrew Morton noted, "putting arm into linux-next means that Stephen (and
| git) handle the merges rather than having me (and not-git) do it. Which helps
| me. I expect that linux-next will get a lot more cross-compilation testing
| than -mm. Which helps you." Greg KH added, "getting your stuff into
| linux-next would provide a public place for others to base off of, making it
| easier for them to send patches to you ensuring that they apply properly.
| Which in the end, will help others be able to contribute easier, and help you
| by getting patches you do not need to rebase yourself."

Says Linux developer:

What Sun was trying to do with Open Solaris

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| So that explains why it’s take three long years to try to get basic open
| source development tools (such as putting Open Solaris source code in a
| distributed SCM located outside of the Sun firewall) for Open Solaris. It was
| never was Sun’s intention to try to promote a kernel engineering community,
| or at least, it was certainly not a high priority for them to do so.

Good for Linux. Bad for Sun, its control, and its CDDL.


Not with a bang, but a whimper

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| Roy Fielding[1] finally quit the OpenSolaris community today, see his
| resignation letter[2]. The kettle finally boiled over and the realization
| come to many (but not all) that Sun is publishing their Solaris code for
| marketing purposes, rather than creating an independent, community-led, open
| source project with the ability to make real decisions. * *

Sun Confirms Inflexability & Community Disregard

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| On Monday OGB Chairman Rich Teer posted Sun's answer (crafted by Mr Bill
| Franklin with the assistance of Mr. Simon Phipps) to the OGB's request for
| clarification regarding the highly controversial decision to name Project
| Indiana "OpenSolaris". The issue is highly mixed, on one hand you have Sun
| Microsystems looking for a way to monetize OpenSolaris, on the other hand
| they are redefining the term "OpenSolaris", around which everything is based,
| without a single regard for the community.


Sun bullied, used threats to gain control of open source project, former owner

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| Sun used strong-arm tactics and made threats to the owners of an open-source
| directory project to wrestle away control, according to one of the former
| owners and creators of the project.