Electronic commerce and technology

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| "Open source" software rising in popularity
| "Open source" software is rising in popularity, according to survey data.
| Open source software is software for which the underlying source code is
| readily available for modification by any interested person or firm.
| In 2007, an estimated 17% of private sector firms reported using open source
| software, up from about 10% just two years earlier, when this practice was
| first measured.
| As in previous years, about one-half of organizations in the public sector
| reported using open source software in 2007.
| An advantage of open source software is flexibility, allowing users to
| customize or modify the software to their specific needs. In 2007, 3% of
| private firms and 13% of public organizations reported customizing open
| source software.



School districts serve up lessons in Linux

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| School districts in the US and Canada find Linux and open source offers
| better support, cheaper setup costs, and improved educational value


Cost-Effective Open Source Software Integration and Services Now Available to
Companies Located in Montreal, Quebec

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| Inteligan’s Open Source Solution Team is focused on providing solutions for
| companies seeking alternatives to licensed commercial software and vendor
| dependency. Open source software, which is slowly being adopted by the
| corporate environment, has experienced increases in stability and
| user-friendly experiences. Cost-centric companies searching for free software *
| applications that have similar core capabilities as licensed commercial
| software now have a viable alternative. * *



Spending on open source support services in Canada to soar

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| The market for open source support services is going to boom over
| the next five years, according to a recent Gartner survey.


Canadian Greens add FOSS to election platform

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| Thanks to a founding member of Free Geek Vancouver, the Green Party of Canada
| has quietly become the first major political party in Canada to make support
| for free and open source software (FOSS) part of its election platform. Like
| officials in the Green Party of England and Wales, deputy leader Adriane Carr
| sees the move as compatible with basic Green ideas, but IT consultant Neil *
| Adair also points out the move serves the practical purpose of helping the
| party match the technical resources of more established parties. * *