Whispers...Red Hat had first dibs on buying SUSE

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| In this case, however, it's the truth. First in line to acquire SUSE back in
| the day was...Red Hat. Matthew Szulik decided to pass on the opportunity and,
| well, the rest is history. Ironic, isn't it? With whom would Microsoft have
| done its patent deal had Novell not been around? Would Ubuntu have started
| sooner to fill the competitive Linux void?
| We'll never know....


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Piper Jaffray Starts Red Hat (RHT) at Buy

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| Piper Jaffray initiates coverage on Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) with a Buy rating and
| $26 price target, saying the company should benefit from global adoption of
| open source technologies. Â*


No Recession at Red Hat

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| It is flattering to be mentioned, Mr. Whitehurst said, but he noted that
| corporate customers and the industry benefit from what he called Red
| Hat’s “Switzerland status” — not being a province of one of the major powers
| in the technology industry. Â*