Linux benefits for small businesses highlighted

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| Linux software is cost-effective because it’s freely distributed and has many
| uses for small businesses, including accounting programs, common desktop
| software similar to Microsoft Office programs, Internet browsers and Web site
| development and hosting, Symons said. Using Linux can cut the cost of setting
| up a Web site and e-mail service, usually about $5,000, in half, he said.
| [...]
| “I’m not a geek, but to me the best aspect of open source is the community
| aspect, the sharing,” Symons said. “Linux is the largest volunteer project in
| the history of the world.”

30 Similarities Between Microsoft Office Excel and in Calc

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| Using a new product requires some re-learning. That’s unavoidable. But you
| rarely have to learn an entirely new set of skills—it’s just that the new
| stuff sticks out at us. This article is to emphasize the similarities between
| Calc and Microsoft Office Word; the things you don’t have to
| re-learn. I hope that not only will this show some of the similarities but
| will show you some shortcuts you might not have known about in either
| program.

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Birmingham considers Linux extension

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| Birmingham City Council is supporting the National Open Centre,
| an organisation that was launched this week to promote discussions
| and policy on deploying open-source software.

Open Source Academy: Birmingham City Council

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| An implementation of open source software across the library
| service at Birmingham City Council (BCC) has demonstrated that
| open source software is a viable alternative to proprietary software.

Open source content management system for new Birmingham Black History

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| Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery's Birmingham Black History websit
| has been redeveloped using the Joomla open source content management
| system.