LSB SDK, aka 4.0, could be panacea for Linux app developers .. and Ubuntu

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| The Linux Foundation hopes that its fourth stab at a solution, the Linux
| Standards Base 4.0, will make it much easier and less expensive for ISVs to
| write a Linux application once that runs on all Linux distributions. “ISVs
| today only support two distributions and that is a hard reality,” said Linux
| kernel developer Ted Ts’o.


Linux Foundation Releases New Carrier Grade Linux 4.0 Specification

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| At the Communications Ecosystem Conference today The Linux Foundation,
| the new organization formed last month from the merger of the Open Source
| Development Labs and the Free Standards Group, today announced availability
| of its Carrier Grade Linux 4.0 Specification.

The SCOPE Alliance Releases Carrier Grade Linux Profile Version 1.2

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| Together, Scope CGL Profiles 1, 1.1 & 1.2 describe the mandatory CGL
| Specification 4.0 features as well as "gaps" in the specification. Gaps
| are features & functions that are necessary to support Carrier Grade
| Base Platforms (CGBP) for NEPs.