WebKit GTK+ port passes Acid3 on Linux

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| The GTK+ port of WebKit is the first open source HTML render to fully pass
| the Acid3 test on the Linux platform. WebKit, which is Apple's increasingly
| popular fork of KDE's KHTML rendering engine, is used by Apple's Safari web
| browser and the iPhone. The GNOME desktop environment's Epiphany web browser
| has also adopted WebKit and will be using it instead of Firefox's Gecko
| rendering engine in a future release.


IE7 (and 8 beta) are the most horrible ones in terms of compliance as judged by


Opera proves Acid3 score with public build

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| Opera Software on Friday released a development build of its Opera browser to
| the public to prove that it has code that scores 100 out of a possible 100 on
| the Acid3 Web standards test. *


Internet Explorer: A Browser Breaks

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| Enterprises are holding onto IE 6 and giving Firefox some love. IE 6 usage is
| going to be a problem for Web developers, because of the browser's weak
| standards support. If there were a Web equivalent to Frankenstein's monster,
| IE 6 could be it. *


Opera CTO: How to fix Microsoft's browser issues

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| Embrace the standards, nicely, or get out of browsers
| If there was a functioning market for web browsers and operating systems, the
| past few weeks would have seen two announcements from Microsoft. After a
| firestorm of criticism from the web design community about Internet Explorer
| 8's misguided mode switching proposal, Redmond would have publicly backed
| down. Second, Microsoft would have bowed to 90,000 users demanding that
| Windows XP continue to be sold. * *
| There were no such announcements. Why? Because Microsoft, with its dominating
| position in the web browser and operating system markets, acts like a
| monopoly. *
| A monopoly doesn't have to consider its customers' wants or needs. In a
| functioning market, vendors must consider such things in order to compete
| successfully. But the market isn't functioning. *
| Microsoft's failure to respond to its customers' outcry shows that it is time
| to call on established antitrust laws that allow governments to impose
| sanctions on a vendor that has a dominant position in a market. The purpose
| of these sanctions is to ensure competition and innovation and thereby create
| a market in which consumers are heard. * *
| Recently, the European Commission opened several investigations into
| Microsoft's dominant position. As a regulatory body, they could decide to
| impose sanctions and while Microsoft might ignore their frustrated customers,
| they would have a harder time ignoring the European Commission. *


Be prepared: ActiveX attacks will persist

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| A recent string of high-profile ActiveX vulnerabilities caused the U.S.
| Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) to advise users to disable the
| ubiquitous Microsoft browser plug-in technology altogether. *


Microsoft ruling may not bolster Europe's new case, warns lawyer

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| The new investigation into Microsoft will look into whether it is legal for a
| company with its market dominance to include web browser Internet Explorer
| with its Windows operating system. It will also look at whether the operating
| system allows for enough interoperability with other companies' software. *


EU round two: Commission probing Microsoft conduct on new issues

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| ...I doubt Microsoft's legal team is surprised by this. After the September
| ruling on the first EC case, I asked Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith
| whether any additional features of Windows could fall under the same scrutiny
| that Windows Media Player received. Smith said: *
| "I think that it's fair to say that features that the commission regards as
| being present in competing applications may be subject to the kind of
| scrutiny the media player was put under. We basically went through that kind
| of process already for Windows Vista. For example, there was a lot of
| scrutiny on the desktop search feature, on the encryption feature, on the
| various security features in general, on the new file format for portable
| documents and that's probably a fairly indicative list of the kinds of
| features that one would predict they'd focus on in the future..." * * *


Interview with ECIS's Thomas Vinje Regarding Opera's Complaint

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| So that is one of the issues Opera is bringing to the EU Commission, that
| consumers are being held back by Microsoft's long history of extending
| standards with proprietary alterations/additions/tweaks and refusing or
| neglecting to support web standards. Mr. Vinje also speaks about Silverlight
| and I really hope the EU Commission looks into what bundling Silverlight
| could do to the Internet. * *
| The other issue Opera is raising, of course, is bundling, which is what makes
| it possible for a monopoly to ignore standards others would like them to use.
| While it's unknown if the EU Commission will care about standards as an
| antitrust issue, the bundling issue is very much more straightforward, as Mr.
| Vinje explains... * *


Lights out for Silverlight

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| The next point is the availability of the tools. Even though you can
| view Silverlight on OS X, you will have no chance of being able to
| author Silverlight content without a Windows licence. This is a
| conscious decision. On the one hand, Microsoft wants to get
| designers using their Expression toolset yet designers will have
| to come across to the Windows platform in order to do it. It may
| not be such a large hurdle but it is a hurdle nevertheless. Ever
| tried to force an OS X user onto Windows? They cry, they scream
| and they want their (at times) consistent GUI back.


Dump IE 6 campaign runs afoul of dump IE 6 campaign

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| While Hudin acknowledged that two people can have the same idea, he noted
| that he kicked off his campaign - End 6! - last year and registered the
| domain name in October 2007. *


Opera and the Acid3 Test

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| We have some excellent news! Lars Erik Bolstad, the Head of Core Technology
| at Opera Software, sent me the following information to share...


IE8: The Bad

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| There are quite a few good things about the Microsoft release, such as
| showing that HTML5 is looked at, Acid2 is (almost) being passed, and CSS
| support is improving, but there are quite a few evil things as well...


ACID3 and Konqueror

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| As you can see, amongst stable versions (in bold), Konqueror beats them all.
| Hip, hip, hooray for Konqueror (KHTML) devs! And one hip and hooray for
| WebKit!



Users, Web developers vent over IE7

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| Users of Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) turned a blog post by a Microsoft program
| manager into a complaint free-for-all that took the company to task for not
| following through on browser upgrade promises and alienating Web developers.


IE7 still creating problems for developers?

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| For the last couple of years, we developers have been struggling with
| IE incompatibilities while creating and testing our sites. Those
| include the non-native support for PNG transparencies, the box model
| bug, and many many more.



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| From: Bill Gates
| Sent: Saturday, December 05, 1998 9:44 AM
| To: Bob Muglia (Exchange); Jon DeVaan; Steven Sinofsky
| Cc: Paul Mariz
| Subject: Office rendering
| One thing we have got to change is our strategy -- allowing Office
| documents to be rendered very well by OTHER PEOPLES BROWSERS is one of the
| most destructive things we could do to the company.
| We have to stop putting any effort into this and make sure that Office
| documents very well depends on PROPRIETARY IE capabilities.
| Anything else is suicide for our platform. This is a case where Office has
| to to destroy Windows.


CLARION CALL: IE 7 Not Ready For Prime Time

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| Either leave your dog at home, or make sure it's trained better
| before inviting it into my house to make a mess on my carpet.


IE7 Web Developers Nightmare

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| IE7 is a night mare for most of the developers that try to comply
| with standards for crossbrowsing.
| I recently needed to rewrite a web site so it works on firefox too...
| the surprising element was that when testing the new and the old site
| on IE7 I found out that many things does not function as expected and
| "not function as expected" isn't the right word for it, it was more
| a question of working at all.


Why Microsoft Expression Web redefines irony

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| Expression is Microsoft's suite of web development tools slated to
| replace the wonderful application known as Front Page. A quick visit
| to the site for this tool yields a fairly typical Microsoft webpage.
| [...]
| WHOA! Did they not even listen to their own marketing garbage? 144
| Errors! No DocType? Are you kidding me?
| [...]
| Bravo to our good friends at Microsoft for setting such a great example
| and leading the masses to a more standards compliant internet! (and
| for giving web standards geeks something to hate on).


Wake up and smell the IE7!

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| The results of our study suggest that around 12.7 million websites are
| in need of a little TLC because of IE7. Maybe even more.


Funny Thing - M$

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| Last night Joe and I got in this huge discussion, and I was cursing out
| Microsoft. It’s been rough the past couple of days and M$ has not been making
| my life very easy. Every time I turn around I have to ghetto-fy my web sites
| to make them work in IE…
| See… There are these things called Web Standards which were put into place to
| make web designer’s lives easier. As in, if they script to web standards,
| then all standards compliant browsers will show the site exactly correct.
| Well, I always script to web standards. The PROBLEM is that Microsoft decides
| that they are just going to do things THEIR way...
| [...]
| Besides the fact that all of the Microsoft employees I have ever encountered
| must have been brainwashed. I don’t know where they dig these people up.
| [...]
| And if they AREN’T brainwashing them, then they are just hiring incompetant,
| pompous dumbasses. And if either is the case, why should anyone support their
| company?


Vista IE7 issue remains unsolved for many users

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| When I read stuff like this, it confirms my belief that there’s something
| very broken in the world of Vista. Here’s a very knowledgeable user and
| talented developer who’s confounded and befuddled by a well-documented and
| still unaddressed issue affecting Vista users running Internet Explorer 7.


ECIS Accuses Microsoft of Plotting HTML Hijack

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| An industry coalition that has represented competitors of Microsoft
| in European markets before the European Commission stepped up its
| public relations offensive this morning, this time accusing
| Microsoft of scheming to upset HTML's place in the fabric of
| the Internet with XAML, an XML-based layout lexicon for
| network applications.


Is Microsoft learning from Web standards mistakes?

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| In a video interview with ZDNet Australia last month, Microsoft blogger and
| group manager of technical community, Frank Arrigo, explained how important
| it is for the Redmond giant to follow Web standards.
| "Standards are important," said Arrigo, who admitted that Microsoft had been
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| guilty of ignoring them in the past. "If you look at IE6, we didn't quite
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| follow all the standards but standards are important ... IE7 as an example is
| trying to address that."