Open-source films attack Hollywood

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| The Star Wreck Studios team, based in Tampere, Finland, has built a virtual
| studio for Iron Sky and an open-source platform that gives anybody the chance
| to make a film at no cost. They have recruited American Stephen Lee as
| managing director, and the chairman of the board is John Buckman, mostly
| known as the founder of Magnatune, a record label he created in Berkeley,
| Calif., in 2003.

There are several similar projects. Sites like YouTube also resolve the
distribution model problem, which is why Big Studios fight them.


Just peachy: free software, free movies

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| Although my artistic talent is probably in the low one percentile, after
| watching the movie I went to the Blender web site to see what was there, and
| was thrilled to see another open movie in the works: Peach. And it’s just
| getting geared up for production. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link to
| pre-order the movie, and perhaps impulsively decided I wanted to support this
| new project. * *


Peach Open Movie

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| As a follow-up to the successful project Orange's "Elephants Dream",
| the Blender Foundation will initiate another open movie project.
| Again a couple of the best 3D artists and developers in the Blender
| community will be invited to come together to work in Amsterdam on
| completing a short 3D animation movie.

Stray Cinema: Open Source Film-making on the Web

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| Stray Cinema invites people to create short films, based on raw footage
| that was filmed in London on a digital camera. The idea is that
| participants download the footage and edit parts of it into their own 2
| minute film.

A Swarm and Angels

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| A Swarm of Angels updates the current filmmaking models of Hollywood
| and independent film to create cult cinema for the digital age.
| Whether you call it Cinema 2.0, or Open source cinema, it's an
| innovative participatory experience you can be part of.