At least 13 Olympics-theme Trojan horses seen (so far)

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| Once again, criminal hackers are targeting a worldwide event to deposit their
| malicious software on victims' PCs, according to one security vendor.

And here's what one gets when over 1,000,000 Windows viruses exist:

Microsoft Mislabels Skype as Adware

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| The buggy update affects Forefront Client Security, Windows Live OneCare and
| Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner, but not Windows Defender or the
| Malicious Software Removal Tool that ships with Windows.


Microsoft becoming 'software police,' say users

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| Microsoft Corp. last week slammed
| the door on a free utility out of Australia that outflanked one of the
| company's touted security features in Windows Vista, by having the
| program's digital certificate revoked....
| Linchpin Labs' Atsiv utility, released July 20, used a signed driver
| to load other, unsigned code into the Vista kernel, according to U.S.-
| based Symantec Corp. researcher Ollie Whitehouse. Atsiv, said
| Whitehouse, thus let users circumvent a feature of the 64-bit version
| of Vista that allows only digitally signed code to be loaded into the
| operating system's kernel. The digital signing requirement is one way
| Vista tries to stymie hackers from infiltrating the kernel -- the
| heart of the operating system -- with, among other things, rootkit
| cloaking technologies that hide malware from security software.
| "This is rootkit behavior," said Whitehouse last Monday.

Security vendors lagging on support for Vista

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| Windows Vista's revamped security features are posing difficulties for
| some IT security vendors looking to make their software work on the
| new operating system.

Microsoft Moving Away from Browser Plugins

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| That is ridiculous. Will Microsoft not include access to the web in
| the next version of Windows because it is a potential security risk?
| Microsoft has recently been hiding behind this whole, "we're putting
| all our energy into security" story. That may even be true, but it
| doesn't matter if they are going to skimp on features. Firefox's
| extension model is wonderful, yet when I wanted to build an Internet
| Explorer toolbar or extension, I have to go touring through the
| bowels of the MSDN site to find anything on it.