Ubuntu tops the Open Source Census with 46 percent

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| To be more representative, it will need to get more responses from those
| employed by larger companies. With just 22 percent of respondents employed by
| a company with more than 1,000 people, it's clear that the Census skews
| toward SMBs (small and midsize businesses, with an emphasis on the "S").


Breaking into the enterprise server market

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| The big Linux story of the week is Ubuntu Linux takes on enterprise server
| market with new OS. Looks like a slick job of integration. Hooray—pulseaudio
| out of the box.


Supported for 5 years! Then, the upgrade will be free of course. Priceless.


Linux on the server sees reliability gains

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| Mainstream Linux distributions for servers have caught up substantially with
| Unix in terms of reliability over the past year, while Windows Server 2003
| downtime has risen by nearly 25 percent...