Red Hat Enterprise Linux Delivers Record-Setting Performance Results with
Reuters Market Data System (RMDS)

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| In addition, standard deviation of latency—a measure of jitter—was also the
| lowest we’ve seen with RMDS: less than 0.5 milliseconds at rates up to
| 600,000 updates per second.

Moonwalk Extends Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0

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| As a Red Hat Ready Partner, Moonwalk has extended support for its software to
| allow Red Hat customers to use its technology for storage management.


Red Hat Roars in Q4

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| The company projected that its sales for the year will grow as much as 30
| percent.


Red Hat Growth Recognized by Forbes Magazine

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| From an investor's perspective (where future results are key), the list also
| seems to include those companies that the equity analyst community believes
| are positioned to deliver double-digit earnings growth well into the future.
| Given our fast, top-line growth, strong EBITDA margins and high cash flow
| yield, Red Hat is a standout company on Forbes' survey of over 2,000 public
| companies. * *

Red Hat gunning for $1 billion in revenue

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| Newly appointed Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst is aiming to bring Red Hat, an
| open-source vendor with just below $500 million in revenue as of last year,
| into the billion-dollar range in the next three years. *