IBM launches iDataPlex server; Eyes Web 2.0 customers

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| IBM claims iDataplex uses less than 40 percent less power, can use a liquid
| cooled wall to run at room temperature, has a small footprint so you can
| double the number of servers in a rack and uses Linux and other industry
| standards. IBM’s iDataPlex is designed as a rack system.


IBM merges System i and System p server lines

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| IBM is merging its System i and System p servers into a new family of
| servers, which will all be able to run AIX, Linux and IBM's i5/OS.

IBM Integrates System i And System p Line

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| The Power Systems servers incorporate POWER6 processors, and support UNIX,
| Linux and i applications simultaneously on a single server system.

IBM adds Linux apps support to Unix servers

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| IBM has added a new capability to its virtualization platform that will allow
| Linux applications to run on IBM's Unix servers, the company announced
| Tuesday. *

Linux on half of all new servers? Red Hat's got plans

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| The Amazon partnership is part of Red Hat's Linux Automation initiative to
| make it easier for companies to deploy Linux applications. With it, Red Hat
| will have its version of Linux powering over half of the world's new servers
| by 2015 while doubling its current market share, says Scott Crenshaw, Red
| Hat's VP of enterprise Linux business.

IBM Unveils Second Cell-Based Blade For High-Performance Computing

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| IBM offers the Linux operating system on top of Cell to provide a more
| flexible development environment than competing products that use a
| semiconductor device called a field-programmable gate array, or FPGA. Such
| devices are programmed once for specific functions. *

PS3 available pre-installed with Linux

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| TerraSoft is now taking direct pre-orders with no delivery
| time guarantees for a Sony PS3 pre-installed with Linux,
| priced at $650.

IBM Information Server Blade does data integration

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| IBM Information Server Blade includes an IBM BladeCenter HS21 with Dual-Core
| Intel Xeon processors running Red Hat Linux, on top of which sits Information
| Server -- a suite of data cleansing, information management, and data
| profiling tools built around a metadata repository. With the aid of IBM
| Workload Manager, the blade setup is configured as a grid, which IBM says is
| ideal for data integration tasks. * *

Check out IBM POWER5, Linux and virtualization

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| Customers are moving in droves from Sun to IBM in order
| to have the flexibility to run Unix and Linux. Because
| CIO's have recognized the capabilities of IBM's midrange
| technology, IBM actually has overtaken Sun and HP in sales
| of high-end Unix servers.
| I can't reiterate enough the importance of being able to
| run supported versions of both Unix and Linux on IBM's
| POWER5 architecture. Scaling vertically also has many
| other data center benefits such as cutting down on
| power, cooling and the footprint necessary to house
| servers. It's all about the ROI.