Penumbra: Black Plague spreads to Mac and Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Usually the scariest part of adventuring on a Mac is the thought of simply
| finding a game to play. But thanks to Frictional Games, both Mac and Linux
| gamers can now get their chills in the playable demo of Penumbra: Black
| Plague

Award-Winning Backup and Recovery Available for Linux Users

,----[ Quote ]
| ...a partnership with Technalign, Inc. to bring Acronis backup and disaster
| recovery software to Linux users.

Everything is gradually accepting the fact that Linux support is inevitable
(some examples appended below). Microsoft will try to throw in wrenches to
stop this because Vista is the end of Windows dominance and most countries
cannot afford Macs, let alone new PCs, so they will move to Linux.


World Of Goo Coming To Wii, PC, Mac, Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| 2008 IGF finalist World of Goo is now slated to be released on the Nintendo
| Wii, PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

Penumbra Black Plague GM, Mac And Linux in the works

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| We know we might be a little late with this, but the final build of Penumbra:
| Black Plague was sent of to Paradox Interactive at the beginning of January
| 2008. All things done, we are very happy with how the game turned out! *

WebCopier for Linux - Get a Copy of Your Favorite Websites and Browse Them
Offline at Any Time.

,----[ Quote ]
| MaximumSoft Corp. today announced that its popular award-winning WebCopier
| offline browser is now available on Linux.


LightZone Becomes First Professional Photo Editor for Linux Users

,----[ Quote ]
| Light Crafts, today announced immediate availability of a Linux version of
| its award-winning LightZone photo-editing software. With this open beta
| release, Linux users now have all the powerful LightZone tools for editing,
| enhancing and improving digital photos that Windows and Mac users have
| including the innovative ZoneMapper and Re-Light tools. * *

GroundWork Open Source unveils IT monitoring app for Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| GroundWork Open Source Inc.'s free IT infrastructure monitoring software is
| available now for the first time for Ubuntu Linux and other Debian-based
| Linux operating systems. *

WeBot Adds Linux and MacOS Support to Media Access Service

,----[ Quote ]
| "WeBot's a great media application. It's even better with support for other
| platforms," said Tom Pepper, founder of Shoutcast and co-founder of
| Nullsoft. "Too often, we see companies that release a service and neglect the
| Linux and Mac communities; I'm really happy that WeBot is keeping everyone in
| mind with this service." * *

NCH Swift Sound Software Release BroadWave Streaming Audio Server for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| We are very please to announce this release of BroadWave for Linux, because
| we see it as a start of something big for our company in the long term," said
| Stephanie Lee, marketing manager for the Australian company. *

Linux Rage Looks Likely

,----[ Quote ]
| So there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth, that Linux Rage is
| coming to a computer near you soon enough after all. Probably...

New commercial Linux game slated by year end

,----[ Quote ]
| "Our decision to support Linux was based on it being the right thing to do,
| not some in-depth analysis of the business case. We want to play a part in
| getting more games on the platform because we think long-term that benefits
| both Linux gamers and the indie development community that Hothead is a part
| of." * *

Eve Online for Mac and Linux operating systems

,----[ Quote ]
| Today CCP Games and TransGaming Partner announce to Bring EVE Online to new
| platforms, being Linux and Mac. By the end of this year it should be possible
| to play Eve on a Mac, finally! *
| On linux it was already possible through Cedega or a good configured WINE,
| but now nothing extra will be needed.

Network Monitoring Solution ServerAssist Now Monitors Linux/Unix Servers

,----[ Quote ]
| ServerAssist, which has been described as the most comprehensive server
| monitoring solution, has added the capability of monitoring Linux/Unix
| servers. *

FileZilla 3 brings Windows FTP goodness to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| FileZilla is one great open source FTP client that -- up until now -- was
| available only for Windows. Version 3 is a ground-up rewrite that makes the
| application available for the first time on Linux, too. *

SPECviewperf 10 to come for Linux, Mac OS X

,----[ Quote ]
| The future of this benchmark is going multi-platform, since development group
| is pushing to release binaries for Linux and Mac OS X.

New Release of GT Software’s Ivory Adds Support for Linux and Unix

,----[ Quote ]
| "...With this addition of Unix and Linux support, Ivory delivers an even more
| flexible and robust foundation to companies, enabling the most options for
| building and deploying mainframe SOA and Web Services.” *

Glide Sync Now Available for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| With an assist from Glide, you can now access your Linux Thunderbird
| Contacts, Sunbird Calendars and all of your desktop files on the following
| mobile devices: Apple iPhone (Supports Streaming Media), T-Mobile Wing
| (Supports Streaming Media), BlackBerry Curve 8300, Nokia N95 (Supports
| Streaming Media), BlackBerry Pearl (8100), BlackBerry 8700, Cingular 8125
| (Supports Streaming Media), HP iPAQ, HP hw6510, Motorola Razr V3, Motorola
| SLVR, Motorola ROKR, Motorola Q (Supports Streaming Media), Nokia 9300, Nokia
| E62 (Supports Streaming Media), Nokia 6102i (Supports Streaming Media), Nokia
| 6682 (Supports Streaming Media), Palm Treo 650, Palm Treo 680 (Supports
| Streaming Media), Palm Treo 700P, Palm Treo 700W (Supports Streaming Media),
| Palm Treo 750 (Supports Streaming Media), Palm LifeDrive, Samsung Blackjack
| (Supports Streaming Media), Samsung A707 (Supports Streaming Media), Samsung
| D807 (Supports Streaming Media), Samsung A920, LG VX8100, LG VX8300, Sony
| Ericsson w600i, Sony Ericsson w810i, T-Mobile SDA (Supports Streaming Media),
| and T-Mobile SideKick. * * * * * * *

Passport Software, Inc., Targets Small to Midsized Manufacturers with LINUX
Release of PBS Manufacturing Series

,----[ Quote ]
| "The LINUX marketplace was lacking a mature business management system for
| manufacturers with up to about fifty million dollars in annual sales. We are
| very pleased with the feedback about how well our PBS Manufacturing Series
| V11.5 fills this void..." *

Find it faster: PersonalBrain app links obscure data

,----[ Quote ]
| The company Monday unveiled Version 4.0 of the application, which for the
| first time runs on Mac OS X and the Linux operating system.

App restores Linux desktops to pristine state

,----[ Quote ]
| Deep Freeze system consistency software, popular in Windows and Mac settings,
| is now available for Linux desktops. "Deep Freeze Linux" is said to reset a
| Linux workstation's boot process to a pristine state, enabling successive
| users to avoid misconfiguration by previous users of the computer. *

Opalis Announces Availability of Award Winning Run Book Automation Solution on

,----[ Quote ]
| They have asked for Linux platform availability to meet specific run
| book automation scenarios and we have responded to their needs”...

Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Enters Linux Fold

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| The move acknowledges that Linux has found a home in some business
| accounts, at least in the back office. Until now QuickBooks
| Enterprise shops had to run their accounting database on a
| Windows server even if they ran other applications on Linux.
| That now changes.

SoftMaker Office 2006 goes into beta

,----[ Quote ]
| SoftMaker Office 2006 runs on all "modern" Linux versions for PCs,
| and on FreeBSD 5.2 or higher, according to the company.
| The company describes TextMaker 2006 as a powerful word processor
| that is compatible with most word processing formats, including all
| versions of Microsoft Word.

LGP's Ballistics Goes Gold

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux Game Publishing has announced today that their latest Linux
| game port, Ballistics, has gone gold. Ballistics is a game that
| takes place in a high-tech society and involves a futuristic
| type of Formula One racing. This game went gold today and
| should be on sale starting May 31, 2007. The Ballistics'
| Linux product page is available at Linux Game Publishing.

energyXT2: Low-Cost Plug-in, Sequencer, DAW, for Windows and Now Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The $75 app energyXT2 starts out sounding similar to other music apps --
| but after a long list of twists, seems anything but. It's a DAW. It's
| a sequencer. It's an audio multitracker. (Okay, not so interesting so far
| ...) It's a synth. It's a sampler. It's a drum machine. It's a looper.
| It runs as a host. It runs in a plug-in. Now it runs on Linux -- making
| it perhaps the first significant music creation app to do a
| commercial, out-of-box release for the penguin. It's got a modular
| engine underneath.

Professionals and academics join OSS keynote, forum

,----[ Quote ]
| "We have ported many of our programs to OSS and are encouraging
| ISVs to do the same," said Jeff Chu, manager of Linux Business,
| IBM China/Hong Kong. "We want local ISVs to join leading
| engineers in our partnership programs and to create OSS
| solutions to give more choice to customers. Two years ago, there
| was not much OSS experience in Hong Kong but now lots of people,
| including my colleagues, are joining the bandwagon and 40% of our
| software solutions are available on Linux."

IDS: SDK for uEye cameras supports Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| IDS now offers Linux users a comprehensive software package for
| its uEye camera series. Besides a software development kit the
| package provides an interface for the Linux version of the HALCON
| standard image processing library.The software development kit
| allows controlling all camera-related parameters.

Synapse EMR (Linux port)

,----[ Quote ]
| Synapse EMR is being ported to Linux. Alpha builds are now available to
| play with (Libc6).

LaCie Offers Complete Burning Solution With
LightScribe Labeller For Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| LaCie announced it is the first to offer a complete
| burning and LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling solution
| for all operating systems. This includes the first-ever
| LightScribe Labeler software for Linux...

Defcon 1.4 Beta 2 (Linux)

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux 2.6.17-10-generic x86_64 GNU/Linux Ubuntu 6.10
| and it works like a charm! 20 Minutes of gaming and no crashes
| or bugs discovered.

L-Soft puts email manager on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| L-Soft is to make its email management software system LISTSERV
| available to Linux users after demand to support the format.

5.5g iPods can now run Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux on iPod developer blog says the 5.5g iPods can now run Linux

Linux Networx Announces Channel Partnership With Westwind Computer Products

,----[ Quote ]
| The partnership expands Linux Networx's ability to market its
| performance tuned and production-ready Linux Supersystems to
| federal government customers.

Penguins rejoice: Linux gets TV

,----[ Quote ]
| The wait is over, Linux users out there. We just released the first
| Zattoo client for the operating system of your choice (and that of
| Michael Dell). The main supported distro is Ubuntu 6.10, but the
| package can also be made to work with Fedora Core 6 and OpenSuse
| 10.2 with a little extra effort.

Joost for Linux -- Amazing PR response...

,----[ Quote ]
| Thanks for your interest in Joost. Yes, a Linux version is planned,
| but the timeline for that is TBD right now.

XBMC recruiting developers for Linux port

,----[ Quote ]
| The goal is for this to become a full port of XBMC containing all the
| features and functions available in the Xbox version of XBMC. This is a
| huge task which is why we are making this public request, seeking C/C++
| programmers to volunteer in assisting us with this Linux porting
| development project.

KLA-Tencor's New LithoWare Tool Gives Designers Advanced RET/OPC

,----[ Quote ]
| Operating in a Linux environment allows LithoWare to distribute
| huge volumes of simulations across a large number of computers,
| giving engineers the ability to perform advanced computational
| lithography and explore an extended set of process parameters
| that would not be possible on individual PCs or with other tools
| without a major re-calibration effort for each change.

Linux gains real-time networking stack

,----[ Quote ]
| An Austrian vendor of real-time networking stacks for automotive,
| off-highway, and aeronautics use has pledged to port its flagship
| technology to Wind River Linux.